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March 7, 2010

Ode to Johnny Weir

Okay, so I promise to cool it with the Johnny Weir blogging eventually, but I had to share this video because it's literally an ode to Johnny and it's hilarious. Take it away, Nervous but Excited:

[via ontd_skating]

And one bonus quote - Jennifer Beals on Johnny Weir:

Jess: Living in Vancouver, I’m sure you were following the Winter Olympics. Do you have any thoughts on the Johnny Weir controversy? [The 2010 Olympic figure skater widely believed to have been underscored because he’s flamboyant. Broadcast commentators were also called out for their thinly veiled homophobic comments.]

J. Beals: I think it’s absolutely appalling. You know, I saw him skate for the first time this year, I didn’t know of him before that, and I watched him skate and he was so fantastic and so accomplished and I really don’t think his scores were commensurate with his ability. And I feel in some ways he’s penalized for his presentation, and I feel he continues to present himself as authentically as possible, and frankly I believe he’s unbelievably fabulous and I would love to meet him one day! The way he was treated was appalling and almost from another era. They should really be ashamed of themselves.

Jess: The best was when he skated to Poker Face.

J. Beals: I love it. He’s amazing… I have a little crush on him.


ceirdwenfc said...

Your Poker Face link doesn't work, but that means NO Johnny Weir and we can't have that, so here is another link - I hope it is the same one:


Jezebel said...

Thanks for pointing that out! That's the link they used in the Jennifer Beals interview and I didn't think to check it. I love the version that you linked to because it's from a performance in Asia and he's super popular there so you can hear the Asian fangirls going cray cray in the background.