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April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday: Educational Double Feature

Even those of you who watch things a few days later on DVR (no names) must have seen this week's Madonna-episode of Glee by now. Or at the very least, you saw Sue Sylvester's Vogue. (Man do I love Jane Lynch.)

Since the Glee commercials had been repeating Madonna's name non-stop, I took it upon myself to tell a completely disinterested Lil' Lilith that Madonna was my generation's Lady Gaga (back when Lady Gaga was still wearing diapers). She actually asked "which one is Madonna again?" I flipped out, "No daughter of mine is going to not know who Madonna is!" and made her watch a marathon of Madonna videos on YouTube. It turns out she did in fact know most of the songs, she just didn't know that they were Madonna songs. Clearly I've been slacking as a parent.

A few days later, my parenting flaws were highlighted yet again. Lil' Lilith was talking about fire safety and started to explain "Stop, Drop and Roll". I interrupted her after "Stop" with... "Collaborate and listen". She looked at me like I was crazy. So again I flipped out "have I really never exposed you to Vanilla Ice?" and made her watch the "Ice Ice Baby" video.

(Don't worry, we did discuss "Stop Drop and Roll" later. Robert Van Winkle and fire safety are equally important in our house.)

In honor of those two incidents, I now present for you an Educational Double Feature of "Flashback Friday"... Madonna's "Vogue" and Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby", both released in 1990.

(Coincidentally, 1990 also marked the start of an 8 month relationship between Madonna and Van Winkle. No really.)

Quick, go get your kids and bring them into the room and make them watch this:

Madonna - Vogue
Uploaded by zocomoro. - See the latest featured music videos.

Okay, um, now your kids better leave the room again because the rest of Evil Slutopia probably isn't appropriate reading material for some of them.

Lilith: This blog is a perfect example of parenting at its finest.

Jezebel: This is the only time Madonna and Vanilla Ice will ever share the same 'artistic space'.

Lilith: Not unless you count Madonna's book Sex as an 'artistic space.' They were in pics together in that.

Jezebel: Were they?

Lilith: Oh yes. [WARNING: If your kids haven't left the room by now, they should before you click on that link. Trust me. It's also probably not safe for work, depending on where you work.]

Jezebel: I need therapy now.

Lilith: Sorry.

Jezebel: I want to be like "Madonna! Don't you know that's Vanilla Ice?'

Lilith: Honestly I think this photo of them is more disturbing than any from the Sex book.

Jezebel: Those shorts are fucking hot.


Gretchen.Engle said...

I love me some Madonna, but I'll never forgive Vanilla Ice for stealing from Queen/David Bowie.

colinday said...

I can't read the dark purple font against the black background.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry, it wasn't that dark on my computer but we may have different settings. Is this better?

colinday said...

Yes, I can read that. Thank you.