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April 30, 2010

RuPaul's Drag Race: The ESC is Team Raven

We're still not over the Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 finale. Raven was robbed!!!

We're still not over the way that the fabulous Pandora Boxx was treated either, but that's a story for another post, and we were happy to see her walk away with the much-deserved title of Miss Congeniality at the reunion.

We're so upset about it, we feel like this:

Tyra is the next Drag Superstar? NO WAY. To quote Raven herself: “Keep your eyes on the stars, you’ll never be one.

We just have a lot of feelings, okay? So to help us work through them, here is our tribute to Raven, an honorary member of the Evil Slut Clique ...

And here are some of our favorite Raven-quotes...
"There are no small people — just big bitches." [LogoTV]

“I don’t speak eloquently. I’m not a lady.”[LogoTV]

"We are making a reality show — don’t sit here and act like we’re filming an episode of 7th Heaven" [Popwatch]

"In my interviews, I was always being questioned about Tatianna. So it was like, OK, I’m gonna help create this story to make it better. It’s a f***ing TV show. And that’s what kills me when I see on Facebook, “Get rid of Tyra. Get rid of Raven. They’re bitches.” You want to watch a show that’s a bunch of people running around nice and kissing? ...
It’s a TV show. And that’s why when I see people who are like blogging about how I’m such a bitch and how they hate me, it’s like, OK, you’re the only one allowed to be a bitch? You bought that franchise? Just because I’m speaking my mind and giving my opinion when it’s asked for, I’m being a bitch. OK. Change the definition and stick my picture next to it. It’s so funny how other people are allowed to be bitchy, but we aren’t." [VH1. Bolded for awesomeness.]
That one in particular really struck a chord with us, not just because we're strong advocates for the right to be a bitch on TV, but also because we were so annoyed by the way viewers and some cast members - and the Reunion special in particular - put so much emphasis on what a cold, heartless bitch Raven was and the terrible, hurtful things she said about people. Meanwhile, they completely ignored all the terrible, hurtful things everyone else said...I mean, Tatianna really made us laugh with her stance that when she was talking smack, it was totally different.

The audacity of those queens to suggest that Raven was jealous or insecure - um, no. And what the fuck was with the whole Tyra-has-really-grown-and-changed bullshit? Not according to the bitchy shit she said backstage at the reunion (thanks to the absolute best "recapper" in the fucking world and our not-so-secret blogger-crush Rich Juzwiak). America's Sweetheart, my ass.

But this isn't supposed to be about those bitches. It's supposed to be about our favorite bitch, Raven... so we'll leave you with one more quote. Words to live by:
"Do your makeup responsibly...that's the biggest thing, when I see a queen with Cover Girl on. It doesn't cover a boy. Plain and simple."


a rose is a rose said...

me? i'm GLAD she lost. she was the most horrid person in that group. a more jealous person i've not seen. her trash talking was so ugly i couldn't even stand it

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between looking at someone who is great and saying they suck, because you wish you were that great... and looking at someone who sucks and saying they suck, that's not jealousy.

Both moves may be bitchy, but only one is jealousy. In my opinion, Raven has nothing to jealous or insecure about. Nothing.

I think we also need to acknowledge - like Raven did - that this is a TV show. It is heavily edited and the producers decide what angle to take. They obviously decided to portray Raven as the bitch and asked her questions in interview accordingly. Her answers show that she clearly knows what makes good TV.

But the idea that everyone else was a poor sweet innocent victim? Doubtful. That's just my opinion... you can hate Raven, you can love Tyra and we can agree to disagree.