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June 27, 2010

Bloggers in Pajamas

It's that time of year again. BlogHer 2010 is less than two months away, which means that the pre-BlogHer posts are starting to pop up. One of the most popular topics is usually 'what I'm wearing to BlogHer', but we've noticed that these posts usually neglect the official uniform of bloggers...pajamas! If the 'bloggers in pajamas' stereotype was really true, we like to imagine that BlogHer would be the most stylish and diverse parade of women's pajamas in the game.

Okay, we were joking, but now we're seriously thinking of putting this in the suggestion box for BlogHer 2011. Just think of how comfortable we'd all be! And there's still plenty of opportunity for individuality...

So, we're browsing this site where you can buy women's pajamas in pretty much every color, style, and pattern, and we come across this one:

Under the name of these pajamas it says "Jennifer Love Hewitt loves hers!" It's the only celebrity endorsement that we've seen on the site so far, so we're taking it as a sign that we should admit our ulterior motives with the whole pajama thing. One of the things that we love about going to conferences is taking the time to sit around the hotel room watching random bad TV, usually while reading bad magazines and eating bad food. (Last year at BlogHer we were particularly entertained by reruns of 7th Heaven.) So if we were able to make the pajamas thing happen, it would be totally convenient for us. And if these are good enough for the Ghost Whisperer, they're good enough for us...because that's probably what we'll be watching anyway. Maybe we'll just go for it and tell people that it's a new New York fashion trend, and if they haven't heard about it they're just not edgy and cool. Being lazy is hard work.

*All of the images of womens pajamas in this post are from WomensPajamas.com.

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