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June 29, 2010

The ESC Does NYC Pride: A Day In Pictures

On Sunday we attended Pridefest, the annual LGBT street fair in New York. We had an awesome time, so we thought we'd share our day in pictures.

We definitely did not make any "sausage fest" jokes after seeing this sign. We're mature adults.

It's the International Coalition of Hot Guys in Underwear!

The NYC Health table was busy all day. Why? Two words: free condoms.

It's basically a law of street fairs that all food tastes better on a stick, but this was one that we hadn't seen before.

Barack Obama was there! Okay, so he wasn't actually there himself (although he totally should have been, because we think the International Coalition of Hot Guys in Underwear could help bring about world peace), but Organizing for America was there registering voters.

Trojans handing out Trojans!

The guy who was manning this table ran off when he heard about the hot Trojans.

The only bigger crowd than the one for free condoms was the one for free ice cream.

Screw the American Family Association, we found the real AFA at Pridefest. The American Fertility Association is "a lifetime resource for infertility prevention, reproductive health and family building".

The woman from Macy's was super nice. She gave us a bunch of coupons and bridal registry info. (I didn't cut her head out of the picture on purpose, I was focused on the Macy's pride logo. You'll see why in an upcoming post.)

Hottest guy there. (No, not the dude in the khaki shorts.) Look at that fabulous belt!

We spent most of the day at Pridefest but we did stop by the parade for a few minutes, so here are a few pictures from that. (For lots more, check out GLAAD's photo album.) We won't caption them all individually, but you can create your own captions using some of the following words and phrases: fierce, flawless, fabulous, you better work, diva, you go girl, we're here, we're queer, get used to it...okay, sorry, I'll stop now.


Anonymous said...

The Peruvians had the best costumes, hands down.

Batocchio said...

Neat! As is your more recent post.