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June 25, 2010

Glenn Beck Hates World Cup, World Too Busy Enjoying World Cup To Care

Apparently Glenn Beck is running out of things to get outraged about, because he recently went on a rant about how much he hates soccer and the World Cup.

BECK: I don't get the baseball thing, but the soccer thing, I hate it so much -- probably because the rest of the world likes it so much, and they riot over it, and they continually try to jam it down our throat. It doesn't matter how you sell it to us. It doesn't matter how many celebrities you get. It doesn't matter how many bars open early. It doesn't matter how many beer commercials they run. We don't want the World Cup. We don't like the World Cup. We don't like soccer. We want nothing to do with it. You can package it any way -- you can spend all kinds of money. You can force it on our television sets. We will not enjoy the World Cup. [via Media Matters]
Do you hear that, world? Stop trying to make the World Cup happen. Glenn Beck has spoken. WE WILL NOT ENJOY THE WORLD CUP.

What a pointless and stupid thing to get so annoyed about. I mean, seriously? Hating on the World Cup just because the rest of the world likes it? Of course, I'm sure part of the hidden meaning here is that he hates it because the rest of the world is really good at it, and most of the time they're better than us, and we can't just dominate. It's so irritating having to acknowledge that other countries exist and that the U.S. isn't automatically the best at everything that it does, right Glenn?

Now, nobody's saying that Glenn Beck personally has to love soccer or enjoy the World Cup. He's entitled to his opinion, but that's all it is. His opinion. So he's really got to cut the "we" and "us" crap, especially since it seems like the "we" in his comment is supposed to refer to Americans in general. I guess maybe he needs to be reminded that no matter what his fans may think or wish, he actually doesn't speak for us. In fact, many many many of us happen to think that he can suck it.

There are also a few people that he really needs to meet. Glenn, I'd like to introduce you to a whole bunch of people who are here to prove you completely and utterly wrong:

Team USA's next match is tomorrow afternoon against Ghana. It airs on ABC at 2:30pm (EDT). You know, if you care.

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