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June 12, 2010

How to Kill a Vampire

We've previously guided you on how to spot a vampire and how to become a vampire. Today's Guide to Supernatural Creatures will give you a few main ways to kill a vampire... or at least hurt them. There has been quite a lot of conflicting information on the subject lately, so hopefully this will help, as we take a look at how to kill a vampire in some of our favorite movies and TV shows.

How to Kill a Vampire

True Blood

In the True Blood series, garlic and crosses don't harm vampires at all (Bill finds garlic unpleasant)... but the surefire ways of killing them are stake through the heart, being burned to death by fire, or going out in the sunlight. Vampires can also be weakened by silver or the disease Hep-V.

Sunlight will kill (or at least hurt) most vampires, but a lot of the local vamps have magic jewelry that allows them to walk around in daylight. The general stake-through-the-heart is a surefire killer and the herb vervain will weaken them. Garlic has no effect (in fact the Salvatore brothers quite like it, being Italian and all).

Again, Stephanie Meyer decided to forgo all previous vampire mythologies and make up some crazy bullshit. In the Twilight universe, vampires cannot be killed or even hurt by human beings. Even sunlight doesn't hurt them, it just makes them *sparkle*. To be killed, they must be dismembered and burnt, which only another vampire or werewolf would be strong enough to do. (Although surely Bella could just annoy them to death?)

You can stop a vampire by staking him and weaken him with garlic or holy water (unless he's been "invited in" of course). If you kill the Head Vampire, his little vampire prodigy will die too and half-vampires will be turned back to human.

Silver bullets and stakes make vampires disintegrate. Blade's arsenal of vampire-hunting weapons include various swords and blades (aha!), "vampire mace" (liquid silver nitrate and garlic), and throwable injector canisters filled with anticoagulant that makes them explode.

The usual methods - stake through the heart, sunlight, fire, beheading - will turn a vampire to dust. Vampires also have an aversion to crucifixes, holy water and garlic.

In the Anne Ricean universe, vampires die from sunlight and fire. A stake to the heart however, doesn't kill them. Nor does decapitation or dismemberment (it's only temporary; they can be put back together like a puzzle and reanimated). Holy water and crucifixes have no effect. Drinking blood from the dead will make a vampire seriously ill.


reading. writing. revolution. said...

What happens if your vampyres are not supernatural? My vampyres are "normal" in that they can be killed in pretty much any regular way. That said, they are super agile, very fast, and their senses are very sharp so they can see, smell and hear you coming, something you don't always see in supernatural vampires. They can also regenerate to some degree, given enough fresh blood. But sunlight, silver, crosses and other "standard" weapons don't mean anything.

Read all about it next month when "Dying Light" comes out everywhere!



"What happens if your vampyres are not supernatural?"

Um, you tell us? It's your book. Which we haven't read, because it hasn't been published yet. Let us know when review copies are available ;)

Anonymous said...

I dunno... super agile, very fast, sharpened senses, regeneration... sounds pretty 'supernatural' to me.