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June 30, 2010

Parental Pride at PrideFest

We already posted our Pride Day in Pictures recap, but I just wanted to mention one other little thing about being at PrideFest and the March on Sunday...

Jezebel and I brought Lil' Lilith to PrideFest with us this year. Yep, I decided that it was time that I fully expose her to the evil gay agenda.

It was extremely hot and sunny and everyone was tired and hot and sticky and sweaty, but my girl was a trooper. Decked out in her rainbow sneakers and I'm Not Queer, But I'm Here button, she acquired additional pride paraphernalia along the way - including some gold beads from Walgreens, a bracelet from the Hetrick-Martin Institute that reads "Love Yourself", one of the official NYC Pride 2010 buttons, a sticker that said "Sleep with the right people" from UniteHere (that one got some weird looks, but we explained that it was about supporting hotel workers rights) and my personal favorite, an "I Love Pro-Choice Boys" button from NARAL Pro-Choice America.(That one got her a lot of attention - someone even asked to take a picture with her. Everybody loves a little feminist.)

She hung in there the whole time without complaining too much about the heat (although she did request ice cream several times - thank you very much to Ben & Jerry's for being there!) or about her feet hurting. But mostly I was just really proud that she was interested in being at an event like that and really did seem to care about why we were there. May not be much, but it made me proud.

Of course, as if my dad didn't already have enough reasons to think I'm a lesbian, I can't wait to tell him that I brought my 10 year old to PrideFest (with my alleged "girlfriend"). But like they say over at Swish: "Pride. It's not just for gay people anymore."


Anonymous said...

Dude, what kid DOESN'T love a parade and an outdoor festival chock-full of fun things to see!!? It is good that you don't hide who you are from you kid. Besides, kids are wicked smart. Also? Yay for free ice cream!

Condo Blues said...

My husband and I were pretty happy about being able to buy ice cream at our Pride too.

The only downside? Since I was marching in the parade and a hat wasn't a part of my group's uniform, I sunburned the part in my hair. Ow.