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June 26, 2010

Please Vote for Us in the BlogLuxe Awards!

Shameless self-promotion time....

We have been nominated for a few BlogLuxe Awards from the SocialLuxe Lounge. Thank you to those who nominated us!

We'd really love to win one of these (or at least make the top 5) because we will actually be attending the SocialLuxe party and awards ceremony at the BlogHer conference this August so if we do win we'll be there to receive our award in person. Last year one of us actually accidentally ended up helping to present an award (long story, heh) so we think it'd be fun to be on the opposite end this time.
Also, we'd love to get this kind of recognition from a blogging community that *sometimes* discounts us because of our name. And as always, it would be lovely to see that our readers and fans care! But most of all, we just want to be able to start going around obnoxiously talking about our "award-winning blog" all the time. (Just kidding. We promise not to do this. But we might start taking the award with us everywhere we go like Kathy Griffin does with her Emmys.)

So please go to http://www.socialluxelounge.com/phpQ/blogluxevote.php and vote for Evil Slutopia in the "Most Provocative" category (category #5) EVERY DAY until July 12.

We were actually nominated in a few different categories ("Funniest Blog", "Guilty Pleasure", "Most Provocative", "Blog You've Learned the Most From" and "Most Inspiring") so you are, of course, welcome to vote for us in more than one category. But we'd really love to win for "Most Provocative" because we think that suits us best.

There are some other really great blogs nominated in various categories this year so if you have the time check them out and vote for every category. You know, after you're done voting for us.

You can vote for each category once a day until July 12. You need a valid email address to vote. They will send you an authorization link to click on for your vote to go through officially. THEY WILL NOT KEEP YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR SPAM YOU LATER ON. This is just a precaution to make sure each voter is a real person and weed out cheaters. [Rules]

Please vote for us! We'll love you forever. Thank you!!!!


T.J. said...

I voted! I hope you guys win! :)

Condo Blues said...

I voted for you in every category that you were entered into with the exception of "Blog You've Learned the Most From" because well, Condo Blues is nominated for the Category too! I'm also nominated for Most Organized.

I'll see you at the party this year!


Thanks T.J.!

Condo Blues - Thanks! We've actually been voting for you for Most Organized. Love it. See you at the party!