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July 23, 2010

It's Official: The AFA Hates Home Depot, Loves Evil Slutopia

Remember when we recently wrote about all of the reasons why we think that the One Million Moms have been reading our blog? Well, we're now convinced that their parent organization, the American Family Association, is reading too.

Earlier this month, we put together a Totally Gay Company Boycott List in response to the AFA's protest of Home Depot. We sarcastically said that we were unimpressed with the lack of effort that went into this protest:

Why Home Depot? Or, why just Home Depot? There are a lot of big companies that sponsor gay pride events each year. Shouldn't the AFA target them all, or at least go for the worst offenders?

...And if you are going to choose just one company to target, shouldn't you go big? Last year when the AFA decided to boycott PepsiCo because of the company's support of the LGBT community, the protest went on for months with multiple action alerts and even spun off to its own Boycott Pepsi website with fliers and petitions and other fun stuff. So we felt like this year's anti-Home Depot effort just seemed kinda lazy by comparison...and then we found proof.

We were looking through some old emails from the One Million Moms...and we came across an action alert from July of 2009. Which lucky company was being protested by the OMM at this time last summer? Home Depot. Why? Because they were conducting workshops for kids at a gay pride parade. Well, that sounds familiar. And if you read last year's alert and compare it to this year's alert from the AFA, you'll see that it gets even better. No, really, go and read them, I'll wait. Yes, it's true - the AFA is not only recycling a protest from last year, they're also recycling a slightly polished up version of the same exact action alert. Really, AFA? That's so half-assed. We would be so disappointed in you if we didn't disagree with everything that you stand for.
So imagine our surprise at what we found when we checked the AFA's website yesterday. There's a new action alert entitled "AFA makes it official: Don't shop at The Home Depot", and it directs us to the new site BoycottTheHomeDepot.com (actually just a redirect to a page on the AFA's site). There's a logo, a boycott pledge to sign, fliers to print out, instructions about spreading the news on facebook, a reference to the "homosexual agenda", and so on.

It's basically everything that we jokingly criticized them for not having in the previous action alert, but done in a way that still kinda looks quickly thrown together. And the focus is still all about Home Depot's sponsorship of gay pride events, which makes this whole thing feel like a belated boycott. June is Pride Month and the Southern Maine Pride event that Home Depot co-sponsored and the AFA freaked out over was on June 19th.

So what were they waiting for to launch this boycott? Well, we think it's a two-part explanation. One, Home Depot has apparently refused to cave in to the AFA's protest so far and has said that they will continue to be involved with pride events and allow employees to participate. (Here's their Contact page if you'd like to thank them for not listening to the AFA's homophobic nonsense.) And two, they're obviously reading our blog and they were shamed by our criticism of their half-assed, useless protest. It makes perfect sense.

Now that we know that the AFA is reading, we're thinking that maybe we'll start taking requests. So what do you all think we should "suggest" to them for their next futile action alert?

UPDATE: Apparently the AFA decided to give their Home Depot boycott site an extra layer of suckitude by using copyrighted photos of the Southern Maine Pride event without the knowledge or permission of the photographer. Check out Brittany Rae Photography for their full gallery of photos from the event. Thank you to our anonymous commenter for catching this and contacting the photographer!


Megan said...

It's funny that they can't come up with their own ideas, and have to steal from a feminist blog.

scrumby said...

I vote for Orbitz and their subliminal gay friendly advertising. Equal Right sticker on the golf bag? THE OMM SEES RIGHT THROUGH YOUR BRAINWASHING ATTEMPTS!

Anonymous said...

Apparently they steal from other people too.

I noticed that they mostly cropped out the photo credit in one of the photos (the kids with their Home Depot cups, blissfully unaware of their indoctrination). I've tracked down the original photo and left a message for the photographer. We'll see what happens.

Jezebel said...

Anonymous - Great catch! I wouldn't be surprised if the photographer didn't know the AFA was using their photos.

Anonymous said...

They are a private company and can do with their money what they want. What’s next for the AFA boycotting Forks WA because Twilight is full of metro-pyres I have my suspicions that Bella isn't necessary. The whole boycott idea is foolish to me in this case the right boycotts pro gay activism and the left complain about the boycott while they boycott the right for anti-gay activism. It all just seems like one big cycle of stupidity to me.

Anonymous said...

Brittany Bugaj, the photographer, replied stating that she had not been aware of this use, did not agree with the AFA, and had not given them permission to use any of her copyrighted photos.

Her portfolio of the event, is available here:

(The pictures show a lot of happy looking people that seem to be getting along and having a good time. Clearly a bad example for the children since it shows the "deviants" in such a positive light.)

Jezebel said...

Anonymous - You are awesome. I added a quick update to the post about this. I'm sure the photographer appreciated the heads up too.

Jezebel said...

White Male Oppressor - Actually, the AFA doesn't like Twilight and recommends that people try not to let their kids read the books because they're "dangerous" and possibly inspired by Satan/demons or something. More here: http://www.afa.net/Blogs/BlogPost.aspx?id=2147495949

And nobody said anything about "boycott[ing] the right for anti-gay activism". The AFA has the right to boycott Home Depot, and we have the right to speak out about it and critique their protest.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if a group of people want to boycott Home Depot that's their business, but if they're going to be so stupid and hypocritical about it they deserve to be made fun of.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me in any way that they don't like twilight. The point is I of all people am not against pieces critiquing what activist groups do. From the looks of it I am going to be "critiquing" them myself. I just don't get the protest. How does gay people getting married or having a pride parade with sponsors actually affect their lives in any way to warrant action items like this.

Anonymous said...

Lame and stupid protests like this make me so proud of my City's Pride. There were more churches marching in the parade as supporters than there were people protesting. I think I'm going to buy something at the Depot too just as a little thank you.