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July 9, 2010

The OMM vs. Bristol Palin

Okay, so our commenter was right. Bristol Palin appearing on The Secret Life of the American Teenager has caused the One Million Moms' brains to explode. (And we still really think the OMM have been reading our blog.)

Their most recent action alert:
Bristol Palin Guest Stars on 'Secret Life'

More than ever it is necessary to inform you of an increasingly popular TV show titled "The Secret Life of the American Teenager." The series combines anything and everything a mother tries to protect her children from viewing and rolls it into one soap opera for teens. ABC Family Channel (owned by Disney-ABC Television) is being irresponsible in showing such racy content when, instead, it should be adhering to its name by airing family-friendly content.

Okay this time they've really lost it. It is now more necessary than ever! ABC Family is being irresponsible for showing such racy content... Um, what show are they watching?

There may be discussions of sex in this show, but it's not at all racy. And like we've said a million times, the show is one big preachy PSA. I understand that some of the storylines might upset certain parents, but how more melodramatic can you get than to claim it that has everything a mother tries to protect her children from viewing. Really? Everything? Because I can think of a lot of things that it doesn't show, that I'd additionally like to protect my kid from viewing. You know, like graphic sex scenes. Bloody violence. Anything that combines the two. (Yeah, that means no True Blood for Lil' Lilith until she's older. Sorry hon.) But teenagers being punished for having sex? Not the only "objectionable" content on TV and definitely not the worst thing she could see.

But that's not even the crazy part of their alert. Keep reading for the full extent of their delusions:
Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, makes a brief guest appearance in the episode which aired Monday, July 5. The network hoped this would either boost ratings or gain credibility since she is a teen mom herself. OMM is concerned she sees bright lights instead of standing up for what is right.
Okay, well obviously, Bristol Palin's guest appearance is for ratings. (It's certainly not because of her fine acting skills.) But what exactly does she have to do with the show's credibility? I mean, the show doesn't claim to be a documentary and it doesn't claim that the actions of these teens are exactly the same as every teenager in the U.S... so what credibility do they really need?And how does Bristol Palin help them gain it anyway? Because she's a teen mom? Yes, she is... but she's also the daughter of extremely anti-choice Sarah Palin and an ambassador for the Candies Foundation. So, um isn't she already standing up for what is "right"?

In fact, check out some quotes from Bristol about her appearance on the show:
"I am thrilled to be on this show and to be a part of a program that educates teens and young adults about the consequences of teen pregnancy,” [JustJared]
"The more it's talked about the more it's prevented. My episode, I probably won't have much of an impact. But the show itself is great in that it does open up a dialogue between parents and teens." [PoliticsDaily / view a video here]
"I just hope that this show opens up a dialogue between parents and teens -- and teens amongst themselves -- about the consequences of teen pregnancy, sex in general and relationships." [US Magazine]
See, OMM. The show educates teens and young adults about the consequences of teen sex and teen pregnancy! It opens up a dialogue between parents and teens in order to prevent teen sex and teen pregnancy! Where on earth did you get the idea that it promotes sex and pregnancy? Stop harping on this misconception (no pun intended) and move on already.
Her character's name in the show is also Bristol and she has become buddies with Amy, the teen mom on the show. We would have preferred her to take a pro-life stand and buddy up with Adrian who is on her way to have an abortion, or not have appeared in the show at all.
Okay, this part I just have to laugh at. "Her character's name in the show is also Bristol"... Yeah, that's usually how it works when you're making a cameo as yourself. She's not playing a character named Bristol. She's playing Bristol Palin!

And how exactly is she not taking a pro-life (er, anti-choice) stand on the show? She's certainly not taking a pro-choice stance. She's playing herself, a teenager who got pregnant and had the baby. She befriends the character Amy, a teenager who got pregnant and had the baby. They meet at a band camp for teen moms, that is, teeangers who got pregnant and had the baby. Not a single abortion among the whole group. Exactly what kind of stance do they think she is taking?

I'm sure the OMM would've loved it if Bristol would have buddied up with Adrian and coerced manipulated pressured counseled her against having an abortion... but how exactly would that have made any sense? Like, "hello random pregnant girl on the way to the abortion clinic that I've never met before... I'm Bristol Palin, here to save you from making a terrible mistake, let's be buddies!" I mean, it makes sense for Amy to run into a famous teen mom at a band camp for teen moms, but there's no logical storyline that could put Adrian and Bristol in the same place. Unless maybe Bristol likes to hang out outside abortion clinics to shame scare harass save young pregnant girls.
This series is being aired before 8:00 pm in most of the country and with a rating of TV-14 D which should mean suitable for 14-year-olds. Parents, please be aware, if you were not already, that this program is far from appropriate for your teen.
We just went over this yesterday. TV-14 does not necessarily mean it's suitable for 14-year-olds. It means it is not suitable for children under 14 and it's up to your parental guidance (remember that parents?) to decide if it is suitable for children 14 and over. The TV Parental Guidelines are very clear. TV-14 means "Parents Strongly Cautioned":
Parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in monitoring this program and are cautioned against letting children under the age of 14 watch unattended. This program may contain one or more of the following: intensely suggestive dialogue (D), strong coarse language (L), intense sexual situations (S), or intense violence (V) [tvguidelines.org, emphasis mine]
OMM, stop trying to pretend that you're shocked by the fact that TV-14 shows have suggestive dialogue and sexual situations. That's why they're rated TV-14. That's why these ratings exist... to warn you of the content. Easy solution: If you don't agree with these ratings (clearly you don't want your 14+ children watching TV-14 shows) then only allow them to watch shows rated TV-PG or lower. Or if you really feel that strongly about it, peteition the FCC to enforce stricter ratings advisories. But stop using the ratings as a suggested age range and an excuse to complain about shows you don't like... and use them for what they are meant to be.

1 comment:

Marus said...

i swear i got more out of this than you referring to my comment, but i'm over the moon that you did... it makes me feel famous, albeit still anonymous.... :-)

these moms are so annoying. they don't make me angry as much as they just irritate me to death.

i can remember my mom standing up and turning off the TV (while the vcr kept rolling) when a movie got much more sexually graphic than she wanted us to see. because she was MONITORING us when we watched tv...

i also remember when i first saw a movie with what i considered "adult themes". i was probably around 10 or 11. it was about apartheid (i think). Soldiers murdered kids in a schoolyard. i remember just starting to bawl, because i knew it true, and my parents paused the movie and talked about what had happened. how people can be ignorant and hateful and how it's up to good people to fight back against that.

Because that's what parents do, teach their kids.

Stupid OMM.