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August 31, 2010

True Blood: Pre-Finale Full Season 3 Refresher

So that was one crazy episode of True Blood on Sunday. Wow. We can't believe there's only one episode left! In preparation of the season finale, we thought we'd offer our readers a little Season 3 recap and guide in case you've fallen behind.

This was an awesome season, but it sure jumped around a lot... It sort of feels like there were some story lines that were just 'dropped' mid-season and some characters keep going back and forth between different mood swings... but we're gonna hang in there for the final episode and see if everything gets resolved.
SPOILER WARNING: I think this should go without saying but if you haven't caught up on the last few episodes of True Blood's third season and you want to watch them instead of read about them, then DON'T click on the link below. 
Those of you who do want a quick 'refresher' before the finale... here you go: ESCTVblog.com

True Blood

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