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September 20, 2010

Dumb Things Guys Say: Double Bagging It

Lilith and I were out at a bar the other night and a couple of guys came over to talk to us. At one point while Lilith was at the bar, one of the guys was asking about what we do, so I gave him an ESC Forever Media business card. Now, when your business card has the phrases "Evil Slutopia" and "Evil Slut Clique" on it, you get used to interesting reactions. But this guy's response was definitely a new one for us.
Dumb Guy: So after a guy sees this card, do they double bag it?

Jezebel: Excuse me?
He said it in such a weird way that it took me a few seconds to figure out what he was talking about. Lilith came back from the bar at this point, which was good because a drink was really needed for this conversation.
Dumb Guy: Um...I mean...uh...I was just asking...

Jezebel: You know that's not a good idea. It isn't safe.

Lilith: What are we talking about?

Jezebel: Well, he was just asking if guys use two condoms with us after they find out that we're "evil sluts".

Lilith: It's not a good idea to use two condoms. It's unsafe.

Dumb Guy: Oh...um, right...yeah. Well...um, I was just saying...I didn't mean...
It's funny and sad that both of us thought 'two condoms at once? bad idea!' before we thought 'wow, what an obnoxious slut-shaming thing to say'. The guy was stumbling all over himself trying to backpedal, but there's really no way to clarify your way out of a comment like that.

So first we schooled the guys about the myth that two condoms are better than one. (We're sure most of you know this condom 101 stuff, but in case anyone doesn't, it's a bad idea because using two condoms creates more friction and that makes it more likely that one or both of them will break.) Then we moved on to the lesson about how slut-shaming a woman is not usually the way to her heart. And we finally we got all advanced by pointing out that a woman being "slutty" does not mean that she has any STDs, especially when she apparently knows a lot more about condoms than you do.

This is how the conversation ended:
Dumb Guy: So if you come here a lot, maybe we could hang out again soon?

Jezebel: Do you promise not to call us diseased whores next time?

Dumb Guy: Um, yeah. Right. Sorry about that.

Lilith: We'll think about it.*

All in a night's work for us.

*Spoiler Alert: We haven't really thought about it.


WingedBeast said...

Geek that I am, if I had gotten that card, I'd have probably asked if it was Lawful Evil Slut, Neutral Evil Slut, or Chaotic Evil Slut.

kelly said...

wow....just wow. people never cease to amaze me.

James Thompson said...

Hahahahaha - I love the stuff you post ;) Have a beer for me sometime.

Rollingforest said...

Yeah, he was socially inept to have asked you, when first meeting you, about misconceptions that you have to deal with without at least being more sympathetic about it. To be fair, though, he never said that he would "double bag it." He was asking if other people do. And in our culture, many people assume the word slut means not only someone who has a lot of sex but also someone who isn't careful sexually. So while it was socially inept thing for him to do, you can’t blame him for needing the education.

Delaney said...

I'm impressed just to know that he sat through the lesson. Maybe there's potential in him! (But, uh, yeah, wow.)