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September 12, 2010

Google Ads

We use automatically generated Google Adsense ads on our blog, but sometimes they miss the mark a bit.

We've been writing about Muslim-American relations a lot lately (in particular, Islamophobia) so I guess it made some sense that ads for Eid decrations and Muslim dating sites popped up in our ad feed.

But sometimes the ads don't make that much sense.

Sometimes it makes us chuckle a little... like an ad for shoes pegged to the blog entry about Jewel's interview about her "lesbian shoes" or a dating site ad about finding a girlfriend right after we wrote about a controversial Girls Kissing Girls article.

Sometimes it makes us roll our eyes, like whenever we write about Cosmo we get ads like this:

But then sometimes it misses the point so much, that it goes beyond funny or annoying, to down right scary.

Take these two recent ads we found in our ad feed (we're in the process of having them excluded from running again)...

That ad for "adoption" (which was showing on our Abortion on TV blog entry) is actually what we think is a crisis pregnancy center, a.k.a. an anti-choice propaganda clinic. Yes, adoption is a choice but it's not the only choice and the site linked to that ad certainly suggests that it is. It also says it is the "courageous" choice. Some of the "benefits" of adoption include:
  • The happiness that comes with knowing that the adoptive parents know you love this baby enough to choose life and ensure his or her future happiness
  • A two parent home that may include a brother or sister for a healthy family life
  • You don't want to live the rest of your life knowing you aborted your child.
  • If you choose to abort your pregnancy, you will have to live with this decision and its implications for the rest of your life.
They also advise pregnant women NOT to talk to their family for advice about making this decision (they want young girls to listen to their anti-abortion propaganda before the talk to anyone who might know better).

The ad that reads "The 9mm is No Defense" was linked to our blog about Eid-al-Fitr. The point of that blog was to inform readers of the fact that Eid (the celebration that marks the end of Ramadan) falls near September 11 this year - so that hopefully those ignorant about Islam would not jump to the conclusion that Muslims were celebration the anniversary of 9/11. What on earth does that have to do with close combat training? In fact, it's pretty much the opposite of the point we wee trying to make.

(And the fact that the ad uses the 9mm reference - for what is really about self defense tactics that don't have anything to do with using weapons - makes it even odder.)

It's so incredibly creepy and disturbing.

We're considering getting rid of the ads entirely, but in the meantime if you see something offensive, let us know!

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