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September 11, 2010

The Quran-Burning Story: 5 Steps to Looking Like an Asshole on the News

The closer the 9/11 anniversary got, the scarier and more confusing the news got. One story that has take the news media by storm is that of Terry Jones and the Dove World Outreach Center's plans to burn copies of the Quran as a "9/11 memorial". This story has been given so much attention, that the news has practically ignored everything else, including the floods in Pakistan. (I guess one crazy guy doing something hateful is a more sensational story.)

We've written about the "mosque at Ground Zero" (which is neither a mosque, nor at Ground Zero) many times and Islamophobia has become such an increasingly popular topic on here that Google Adsense has started to automatically generate ads for Muslim dating sites and Eid decorations.

But this...? We almost didn't want to even legitimize this story by writing about it. Plus it's so incredibly fucked up that we almost didn't know what to say about it. Think about if this story was reversed... if any group of non-Christians were burning copies of the Bible in order to "send a message" that they're sick of people... being Christian. Yeah. I'm sure that would go over really well. This is the most disgusting "memorial" to 9/11 that I have ever, ever heard of.

Since every news outlet in the country seems to keep giving this sicko the stage to spread his hate-filled ignorance, we felt like maybe it was time to take a look at just how hateful, misguided, and perhaps even delusional, this guy Terry Jones truly is. To fully illustrate that, here is your guide to the Quran-burning story, as told by headlines from the past few weeks...

Five Easy Steps to Looking Like a Total Asshole on Every News Outlet in the World

1. Rev. Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida, announces that his congregation had planned a very special 9/11 memorial project: burning copies of he Quran.

2. Muslims all over the world hold rallies and events to protest the plan.

3. A ton of people speak out Jones and his plan, including the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan and the Attorney General. Then a ton more speak out... and more... and more... and more.

4. Jones meets with the president of the Islamic Society of Central Florida (no direct affiliation with the NYC cultural center) who agrees to facilitate a meeting with the Imam behind the 'Ground Zero Mosque'.
Jones then announces that the quran-burning plan is off in exchange for the moving of the mosque to another location.

5. Both the Florida Imam and the NYC Imam deny that there was any agreement (or even any plan to make any agreement) to move the cultural center. Jones claims he was deceived and the Quran-burning plan is not canceled, but merely suspended... for now... maybe... sorta... he'll pray about it and let us know.

And now what...?
I'm sure any minute now there will be another new update since he's allegedly flying to NYC to try to get a meeting at the 'Ground Zero mosque'. Who knows what's going on right now, but one thing we do know is that wherever he is he's a hateful moron and it's sad that the world (including us) paid him any attention at all.

September 11th should not be about hate and division and protests like these. It should be about remembering those we lost and promoting peace. Burning a quran does neither. Terry Jones is a hateful man and I hope the media can stop acknowledging him. We're done.

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