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September 1, 2010

Real Real Estate

We watched a strange incident unfold on Twitter the other day. This woman was using her Twitter account to express her views on race, religion, and politics. Some of her opinions were pretty extreme and many people were offended by some of her tweets. Now, anyone who has spent more than five minutes on Twitter knows that this isn't the strange part of the story yet. What was odd about it was that this woman is a real estate agent, and she was posting tweets about that and linking to local houses that she had listed...from the same Twitter account. Call us crazy, but this doesn't really seem to us to be the most professional and practical way to build your real estate business and your reputation as an agent.

So, we're not going to be asking that woman for real estate advice any time soon. But, this incident did send us off on a tangent of talking about real estate ourselves. (We love fantasy house-hunting almost as much as fantasy office decorating.) There's a real estate site called AskAgents.com that is definitely a better bet if you're looking for information. You can search sale and rental listings all across the country and get connected with a local agent in the area that you're looking at. If you sign up for a free account you can also get relevant listings sent to you regularly by email.

There's also information about foreclosures, which is unfortunately a hot topic in this economy, and a mortgage calculator so you can figure out how you're going to afford that dream house. (We're still working on this part.) And they have a blog with info about a bunch of different issues related to buying and selling homes and the real estate market in general. They even have mp3s of every post on the blog so you can listen instead of reading if you want or need to, so it's kinda like a built in podcast too. They've definitely got that random Twitter lady beat by a mile. Now, we've got to get back to "shopping" for luxury apartments.

*Real online real estate info brought to you by AskAgents.com.

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