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October 5, 2010

Wookie Monster

We're so happy to introduce our newest guest blogger, Dinah.

Dinah was a daughter of Jacob who sold her into marriage with a Canaanite prince. Her brothers claimed the prince had defiled her and killed every man in the city, including Dinah's new husband. There was even debate amongst the brothers and Dinah's father about whether or not Dinah should be put out as a harlot. No one ever asked if Dinah was really raped, she was just an excuse to pillage a city and was still blamed for being a whore simply because she was there and a woman.

Our Dinah is a US Marine, a published author and has a B.A. in Political Science. She is active duty so she's probably not really supposed to be writing something like this, but we're glad she is! We know there must be other military women reading our blog who can relate to her and non-military women will appreciate her perspective of a woman in a "man's world".

Since the ladies of Evil Slutopia decided to reclaim the word “slut,” I feel inspired to reclaim “Wookie Monster.”

What is a “Wookie Monster,” you ask? Wookie Monster is my favorite variation on the acronym “WM”- Woman Marine. Also popular is “Walking Mattress,” because everyone knows females Marines are sluts.

The image of a Wookie Monster is fabulous: big, hairy, grunting and growling and good with a gun. I am neither big nor hairy, though I do growl when angered and am very good with a gun.

“Wookie Monster” is a term of derision for female Marines, though very few have the testicular fortitude to say it to a woman’s face. Even Han Solo knows you don’t want to piss off a Wookie.

In fact, very few ignorant a-holes use this term in any situation that is not playful mockery.

On that note, you should also know that Marines abuse each other. It’s a sign of affection, really. Verbal, physical and emotional abuse tells us we’re loved. If you see a bunch of Marines having a good time, they’re probably making fun of and/or hitting each other.

But then there’s that one jerk, or sometimes a whole group of jerks, who really means it when he says “Wookie.” This person really does believe that all females in the Marine Corps are big, hairy and promiscuous.

As the ladies of this blog have pointed out, it’s not just men who jump on the slutshaming bandwagon. It’s very often other women who hate on their own kind.

“You don’t look like other woman Marines!” exclaimed the wide-eyed wife of an infantry Marine I had the displeasure of meeting recently. 1. “Woman Marine” is outdated. Catch up, sister. 2. Did you mean any other female Marine you know?  I’m pretty certain Marines come from all backgrounds and walks of life, and there are thousands of females in the Corps. Have you seen pictures of all of them? And I really don’t look like ANY other female in the Corps? Wow, I’m special!

“What does a female Marine look like?” I shot back with the special belligerence all Marines learn in boot camp.

The woman faltered a little, probably realizing just how insulting that statement was. “Well … I know this one and she has the short hair and is a lesbian.”

That’s my favorite. You know one female Marine and suddenly you know them all. That is like me (all blonde hair blue eyed Western European-ness) approaching an African American woman and saying, “You don’t look anything like the other blacks!” Are you offended yet?

I did not realize when I signed the contract to enlist that I was supposed to have short hair and be a lesbian. My bad. I guess that means I’m not being a good Wookie.

This lovely lady also told me later, as she inserted herself into a conversation that did not include her, that I should be used to being called a “Wookie.” I wanted to know if she was used to being called a lazy bon-bon eating breeding machine, but I don’t think it’s fair to stereotype anyone, even Marine spouses. That and I’m pretty sure she would have cried.

So, I’m reclaiming what it means to be a Wookie. Turns out, I am hairy - I have long blonde hair that makes me basically in disguise whenever I take it out of its uptight bun. I am not huge, but I carry the same god awful heavy gear as the Marines who weigh 200 lbs. I have sex when I chose with whomever I chose, so I guess that makes me a slut, too. I growl when no other noise will sufficiently express my anger. (I can’t make that cool Wookie noise though.)

I am strong and beautiful and yes, a Marine. I refuse to believe being a Wookie is a bad thing. I have accomplished things as a Marine that would make a grown man cry and I can still pull off wearing a designer dress with the best of them.

It takes one hell of a strong woman to earn the title: Wookie Monster.


Rehctaw said...

Just the concept of female marines sends a shiver through me. No disrespect. I don't doubt your capability or femininity or any ity you choose to personify whenever you so choose.

I've just realized that all I really wanted to say is thank you. For what you do, for who you are and how you've chosen to communicate.

Adding your voice to the ESC promises another strident consistent message that needs to be heard and understood.

Anonymous said...

Semper Fi, Marine!!

robert said...

Strong, tough and independent women just make me drool.

Support your local marine, you guys all rock!

luclonde said...

I love this article! I grew up in the Army and served in the Coast Guard and I can relate to talking to oblivious military wives/husbands. They're a special breed, for sure.

Hurrah, shipmate. Semper Fi, Semper Paratus. Do your thing.

Anonymous said...

Were you aware of wookie monsters be fore you joined?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How many pull-ups can you do? Oh wait.... WM's don't want THAT kind of equality.... My bad!

Lilith said...

This blog is over 3 years old, so the original author isn't available to respond to your idiotic question... but I'll say this: I know plenty of women that can not only do 10x the amount of pull-ups as plenty of men, but who can also kick their asses.

If she was able to pass all the requirements to become a Marine, I'm pretty sure she can do plenty of pull-ups and kick your ass too. How many can YOU do?