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November 1, 2010

The Local Avenger of Political Truth

So I've decided to become a superhero. I haven't quite decided on a costume or moniker yet, but I will be protecting innocent citizens and righting wrongs all across the world country state town! (A superhero on a very small scale in one localized area only... but a superhero nonetheless!)

What has possessed me to try to become a superhero? No I wasn't watching Kick-Ass. I was inspired when I saw this flyer on the wall outisde my local train station:

Carolyn McCarthy (D-Garden City) is the incumbent U.S. Representative for New York's 4th Congressional District.
I ripped it down and shoved it in my pocket as I got on the train. Why? It was bullshit. No lies or propaganda will be tolerated where I live! Now I disagreed with most of the stuff written on the flier, but I didn't tear it off the wall because I do or do not like Carolyn McCarthy (I do). I support your right to vote or campaign for whoever you want. But when I saw lies, I knew it had to come down. I don't support spreading false information in order to do so.

The flier included the claims that McCarthy:
  • Voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time
  • Voted to DESTROY the best healthcare system in the world!
  • REFUSES to answer ANY questions ABOUT her voting record!
  • Favors the victory MOSQUE be erected at Ground Zero!
  • Voted for the flawed $787 Billion Stimulus package
  • Supports higher taxes!
  • Supports the Obama-Pelosi Cap & Trade Bill - A surefire economy KILLER!
  • Has forgetten exactly WHO she represents!
  • Doesn't return phone calls, emails or letters to her office!
  • Will continue to vote the damaging Pelosi agenda, if left in office
Now, there's a lot wrong with those statements, obviously... but a lot of it is opinion-based so I could let that go. Such as the fact that she allegedly voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time. I don't know if that's an exact stat, but if you're a fan of Pelosi and the way she has voted then that's not necessarily a problem. Or that she voted to DESTROY (yes, all caps!) the 'best healthcare system in the world'. I think it's kind of ridiculous to claim that the U.S. ever had the best healthcare system in the world (hello Canada!) but okay, fine, if you feel that way then you have a right to believe that her vote 'destroyed' it. Or is the 'Cap & Trade' bill really a surefire economy KILLER? But if you oppose it, fine.

You all know the one that stood out to me and caused me to rip-rip-rip:
She favors the victory MOSQUE be erected at Ground Zero!
Oh soooo much wrong with that claim! I mean, we already have established that it's not just a mosque - it's a cultural center - and it's not at Ground Zero - it's blocks away - but I have never even heard the phrase "victory mosque" in relationship to Park51 before now. Only the most hardcore Islamophobic bigots have been referring to the cultural center as a victory mosque (warning: that link contains some upsetting images of the WTC, because apparently making us look at images of the towers burning isn't nearly as "insensitive" as building a cultural center blocks away is).

Also, where can they prove that she 'favors' it? I can't find anything on the Internet even linking McCarthy to the Cordoba House except for a claim made on her opponent's website that she is "not opposed". Of course, he doesn't back that up with a link or a quote from McCarthy or anything.
I thought that was the end of my local vigilantism... until I received something in the mail the other day.

The front of the envelope said 'Important Tax Information Enclosed - Do Not Discard". Inside was a card with my name, address, and an ID number and again, the phrase "Important Tax Information". I flip it over and low and behold it's all about Carl Paladino's campaign for Governor of New York!
Only Carl Paladino has a specific plan to cut property taxes.

What the fuck?

I immediately contacted his campaign office to give them a piece of my mind. I basically told them how turned off I was to them because of the campaign 'tactic':
If you want me to vote for you, give me a reason to care. Don't trick me into reading your empty promises by marking your campaign propaganda as important tax information. Disgusting.
Someone responded shortly afterwards and totally missed the point:
The mailer that you had received does not contain any of your personal information. The same ID number was used for everyone that it was sent to. It wasn't meant to offend anyone.
I just think it's inappropriate and dishonest that they felt the need to 'trick' me into reading the materials. What does that say about how a "Governor Paladino" will run things if even just the campaign materials are dishonest? Andrew Cuomo's campaign sent me information too but it didn't pretend to be something that it wasn't.

So now I realize I have started a pattern. I will stamp out political dishonesties whereever I see them. (Well, as long as they're within a 50-mile radius of my home.) I will defend and protect my communities from lies and propaganda! I am a political gangsta! A vigilante of written documents! An avenger of truth in Long Island!

What do you think my superhero outfit should look like? I wonder if that sexy founding fathers look would work here as well?


WordVixen said...

I absolutely think you should wear a sexy founding fathers costume on your way in to vote. :-D

Also, do these lousy campaigns actually get people to vote for them? I think not. As far as I know, they only irritate. For example, a friend of mine who isn't affiliated with either major party claimed that she's voting for the candidates that call her the least. I can't blame her- if a politician ran a campaign where once in a while there would be a commercial that says "this is my name, this is my platform, vote for me" and that's it- no phone calls, no more than one or two mailers, and such, I'd probably vote for the guy on principle. But then, that's how I feel about all marketing.

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tripleZmom said...

Did you wear the costume? Will you post photos?

As for this misinformation, it's so ridiculous. I wish candidates' could only write out their platforms and hope for the best.