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November 8, 2010

Mandalay Bay Really Wants You To See The Lion King

As you know, last month we went to Vegas. We stayed at the beautiful Mandalay Bay hotel, where there just so happened to be a little show playing called "The Lion King". (Have you heard of it?)

Now we didn't go to Vegas to see a show that we could see in our very own city (no, we went to Vegas to see something like this!) but apparently the hotel just wasn't having it. No, they wanted us to see "The Lion King" in Las Vegas. They really really want everyone to see "The Lion King". To the point that they might as well have just temporarily re-named the hotel "The Lion King Hotel". (Seriously, we saw more lions at Mandalay Bay than we did at the MGM Grand!) We were kind of expecting to find on our bill at the end of our stay a service charge as a penalty for not going to see "The Lion King" but luckily that didn't happen.

This will explain what we mean:

So... don't you all want to go to see "The Lion King" right now!? Mandalay Bay really really wants you to!

(We have not been paid by "The Lion King" people to write this. Obviously.)

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