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December 16, 2010

Debunking the AFA Naughty & Nice List: Victoria's Secret

Last year the American Family Association put Victoria's Secret on their red "naughty" list as one of the "Companies against 'Christmas'". That means they consider them to be a company that "may use 'Christmas' sparingly in a single or unique product description, but as a company, does not recognize it." We very clearly debunked this claim by showing just how Christmassy VS really was.

This year Victoria's Secret is on the red list again and we can't figure out why. We can think of a few reasons why the AFA might not like Victoria's Secret, but they were very clear that their list only reflects a company's 'Christmas' advertising and does not take into account other corporate policies AFA may not agree with. So we're having a hard time following the logic that makes them anti-Christmas, especially when you consider the fact that their parent company Limited Brands somehow made it onto the yellow list.

First of all, they have an entire section entitled "Christmas Lingerie":

They also have an entire Christmas Specials catalog (with the word 'Christmas' right there on the cover).

The word 'Christmas' is mentioned in numerous places...

...and they have several specifically Christmas-themed items:

They also have a "stocking stuffers" category that includes perfume "ornaments" for the Christmas tree. And on several pages of their website, they advertise their Christmas delivery shipping options.

Clearly this is a company that hates Christmas, right? You can see how they refuse to recognize this very special holiday and avoid using the term 'Christmas' at all costs. You can tell just by looking at their entire section of Christmas-themed products, Christmas catalogs, and other Christmas items.

PS: If anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for the Evil Slut Clique, we'd love a pair of "ho ho hottie" panties, to go with our "Keep the HO in Holiday" t-shirts. Happy Holidays!

1 comment:

Batocchio said...

Hilarious. It reminds me of when Bob Dole criticized a bunch of Hollywood films, and the shallow press leaped at it as if it was news - and as if Dole's remarks had any merit whatsoever. He hadn't even seen the films, of course - it was some staffer's idea. For more fun, Dole decried violence in films, but approved of Schwarzenegger's latest at the time.

For the AFA, women having sex without permission - and enjoying it! - will always be naughty.