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December 23, 2010

Debunking the AFA's Naughty/Nice List: Dollar Tree

As you know, we've been going over the American Family Association's list of Naughty and Nice" retailers (based on whether or not the company avoids or bans the use of the term 'Christmas', which according to the AFA means they're horrible people). We've already proven why quite a few of the companies on the 'naughty' list do not deserve to be there...

Truthfully we don't think any stores deserve to be there, but following the AFA's warped logic, these companies still don't make sense on the 'naughty' list. Here's yet another retailer that the AFA claims is not "Christmas-friendly" because they use the term 'Christmas' "sparingly" or not at all, Dollar Tree...

Do we even need to explain why they're wrong on this one or do the images just say it all?

Yes, clearly they're censoring Christmas because they totally hate Christmas. Yep. No mention of Christmas there. WTF AFA?

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