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January 22, 2011

Cosmo Kicks Janice Dickinson While She's Down

If you've been reading our Cosmo posts for awhile, you know that one of our favorite parts of the magazine to critique is the "What's Not So Hot" section of the Hot Sheet page. Each month there's a photo of a celebrity behaving in some way that Cosmo disapproves of, along with a letter shaming them for the offending behavior. The celeb is usually a woman and the letter often involves a healthy dose of slut-shaming. It's all very charming.

The "Not So Hot" victim in the January issue is Janice Dickinson.

Brief Encounters

Dear Janice Dickinson,

We know you used to model before Celebrity Rehab, but flashing your panties isn't going to land you a Victoria's Secret contract. It only highlights how far you've fallen.


The photo caption reads "At least you're wearing underwear".

Oh, Cosmo. Is this really necessary? I've seen a few episodes of Celebrity Rehab this season, and while Janice Dickinson's behavior was pretty irritating and disruptive at first, it seemed like she did make a lot of progress. She also opened up about some abuse that she suffered when she was younger and admitted to having suicidal thoughts. I caught a scene from a recent episode where she broke down in tears and talked about wanting to get better for herself and her kids, and also apologized to some of her fellow cast members for her earlier behavior.

Now, obviously this lovely letter was written before Janice Dickinson's season of Celebrity Rehab started airing. But they clearly knew that she was going to be on the show. So, if you know that someone has checked into rehab (even if it is reality show rehab), it seems extra petty and mean-spirited to find a photo of that person in which they're almost definitely under the influence of something and make it the subject of some pointless mocking. I also had to laugh at the dismissive tone of "we know you used to model", considering that Dickinson has been on the cover of Cosmo several times in the past. Apparently that wasn't enough for her to earn a break from the editors of the Hot Sheet. Stay classy, Cosmo.

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