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March 31, 2011

Sex Toys on the Brain

Between getting ready for Momentum and blogging about the best news story ever (if you haven't read it yet, there's a dildo involved), we've kinda had sex toys on the brain this week. Of course, we've been known to buy sex toys ...oh, occasionally. But it's actually been awhile since we bought anything, so we were just checking out a sex toy site to see what's new out there. (Okay, we were procrastinating on getting ready for our trip. But we'll call it 'field research'.)

Here's what we've learned:

-There is a brand of lube called You'll Never Know It Isn't Boy Batter. Based on the product description it sounds nice, but we can't decide if the name is disgustingly brilliant or brilliantly disgusting. Whatever the case, we're sure the makers of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter are thrilled.

-Some 'love dolls', like the classy Birlinda here, are proper ladies and just like to hug.

-There is a book called Car-Ma Sutra: A Glovebox Guide For Lovers that is described as the "definitive guide to back seat bonking". Love it.

-Vibrators that involve animal likenesses absolutely can look too cartoonish and freakishly similar to children's toys. We'll probably stick with the Rabbit. Not sure we could deal with those big cartoon eyes staring up at us during the act.

-There is such a thing as Ice Menthol condoms. The packaging promises "greater stimulation", which sounds like a big understatement to us. Now whenever we hear commercials extol the virtues of "menthol action", this is the only product that we'll be able to think of.

*Online window shopping (and procrastination) session brought to you by Sex Toys Emporium

1 comment:

Sophia Gabriel said...

Cartoonish vibrators are a turn off for me, i don't know how women can use these products.