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March 8, 2011

We've developed an addiction to free

We've developed a very serious problem that we need to confess. We're addicted to freebies. Now, we go to a lot of conferences so we're no strangers to swag bags and expo halls. And I'm a makeup junkie so I've definitely done the not-so-logical shopping move of buying extra stuff just to get that "free" gift with purchase. But recently we took it to another level.

It started when I happened to see a tweet from someone about a giveaway on facebook for free deodorant (of all things). We follow a few shopping and free stuff sites, and this tweet just caught my eye for whatever reason. I sent the link to the rest of the ESC, and what resulted was basically a 'freebie off' with links flying back and forth - a sample of body lotion here, a box of cereal there, vitmins, tampons, laundry detergent, granola bars, and so on.

We realized that it was out of control when we found ourselves saying stuff like 'hey cool, a free diabetes awareness bracelet!' even though none of us (or anyone close to us) actually have diabetes. Is it a good cause? Yes. Do we need the bracelets? No. Even if they are free. (One of us may also have gotten a free pouch of dog treats even though she doesn't have a dog. No names.) So we're going to try to check ourselves and only get free samples that we actually want/need, otherwise pretty soon we'll find ourselves auditioning for the next season of Extreme Couponing.

So to make us feel less like losers, please share some stories about the most awesome thing you ever got for free, or the dumbest thing you ever did to get something for free.

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