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April 11, 2011

10 Things About MOMENTUM

This past weekend (April 1-3) we were at the MOMENTUM Conference in the Washington, D.C. area. Lots of fun! Here's our usual recap... 10 things about MOMENTUM:

#1. The Backstory

This was the first annual MOMENTUM Conference on sexuality, feminism, relationships and new media. The conference was organized by Tied Up Events. According to Tess, they started getting the idea for this conference after the Sex Blogging session at BlogHer'10. (We were there! We witnessed history in the making and didn't even know it!)

This is what we had to say back then about the Sex Blogging session at BlogHer:
This was one time when we didn't have to worry about having 'your blog is called what?!' moments with anyone in the room, and we really enjoyed the conversation about openness, anonymity, where to draw the line and what to do when your neighbors or relatives discover your slutty blog. And any workshop that you leave with a bag of new sex toys can't be half bad.
Hm. Replace the word 'workshop' with 'conference' and we just described MOMENTUM itself....

In case you're unsure, MOMENTUM was not a sex event. There was no public or organized 'play' (although attendees were obviously free to make whatever private arrangements they wanted to - and we're sure some of them did).

#2. The Sessions and Keynotes and Performances

Maria Falzone
Description: A hilarious and inspirational performance that addresses serious sexual subjects in a frank and funny manner. Through lecture and audience participation, Falzone speaks to students about topics from safe sex to self-sex and everything in between. The message behind “SEX RULES” is that sex should be fun and satisfying emotionally, as well as physically.
Best quote: "If someone calls you a cunt, respond with 'that's juicy cunt to you, now move on and don't make me slap you with it.'"

The Opening Keynote: Making Waves in Sexuality
Jenny Block, Reid Mihalko, Carol Queen and Tristan Taormino and moderated by Lynn Comella
Description: The keynote panelists, all of whom have made significant impact in their own spheres, discuss the role of sexuality in today’s culture, how they are making waves and what the attendees can do to carry forward the momentum by generating conversations about sexuality that fit into daily life.
Best quote: "It's not easy being this easy" ~ Reid Mihalko

Odd Girl Out: Straddling the Fields of Sexual Health and Sexual Pleasure
Megan Andelloux
Description: In the modern field of sexual education, a huge gulf exists between the culturally safe subject of sexual health and the risqué research on sexual pleasure. The professionals who attempt to do credible work on sexual pleasure are often shamed, discredited, or even ostracized for such heresy. How can these two worlds co-exist?
Best quote: "I work very closely with medical professionals teaching them to do pelvic exams for the first time. So I like to say I'm the 'First Response Vagina'."

Business Management Techniques for Sex Positive Entrepreneurs
Sarah Sloane
Description: Review of basic business setup and evaluating needs for professional support, as well as how to create an ethical statement (as well as a mission statement) to help both guide the direction of the business as well as help with marketing and social media direction.
Best quote: "It's very easy when everybody thinks you're having shit-tons more sex than you are and the sex must be better than theirs, to get a big ego. I had somebody who said 'I bet you have sex all the time' and I was like 'what month is it?'"
"What I'm validating is people's right to determine their won sexuality and their own sexual expression. [...] I believe that by validating that, we make that loving and compassionate change, because when we feel like we're getting our needs met it is so much easier for us to be loving and compassionate to the people around us."

Media Events for the Sex Positive Professional 101
Reid Mihalko
Description: Reid discusses the dos and don’ts to running media events and how to leverage press attention. Reid also discusses his current experiences with selling a television show in Hollywood, the basics of how to run a killer media event, as well as breaking down what he did that helped turn Cuddle Party into an international media darling that garnered over 1.5 million dollars worth of free publicity.
Best quote: "I firmly believe that all press is good press... if you have your shit handled."

Who is SexyKitty69? Exploring the social media pros & cons of anonymity
Samantha Fraser, Katherine Curtis, Stef Woods and Shanna Katz and moderated by Twanna A. Hines
Description: An examination of the pros and cons of blogging about dating, sex and love lives from both anonymous and non-anonymous viewpoints. Sex/dating bloggers on both sides of the coin discuss the benefits and pitfalls involved in sharing your identity while discussing dirty deeds. How does coming out affect your relationships, your work and the way people interact with you? How does protecting your identity keep your stories relevant and entertaining to the reader?

Best quote: “This is the first conference I’ve been to that isn’t filled with Storm Troopers.” ~ Katherine Curtis
Kat Curtis of Naked News even has a Storm Trooper manicure!

Sex Positive Interventions: The Feminist Sex Wars and Beyond
Lynn Comella and Carol Queen
Description: Discussion on the history of the feminist sex wars and the rise of sex positive feminism. More specifically, the importance of sex positive feminist interventions – writing and blogging, media commentary, and other forms of cultural production, including pornography – in helping to mediate and reshape public discourses about sexuality, sex work, and sexual commerce.

Best quote: "Oh please don't blog that. No tweeting that. It's like... I love your social media, but stop it now." ~ Lynn Comella
Sex & Race in America: Opening the Bedroom Door
Twanna A. Hines
Description: Fast, accurate information about what’s new with sex and race in American bedrooms. We often fragment ourselves into separate social identities, forgetting that we all live in the intersection. It’s possible to be male and feminist, black and a sexual being or a lesbian who transitions to a straight man. Discussion of recent pop culture news, films, newspaper and magazine articles related to the intersection of race/ethnicity, sex and gender. Apply knowledge gained during this session to broader discussions about overlapping identities.

Best quote: "People say 'You know, I don't see race, like I don't talk about it. I don't see it. It's not something that enters my consciousness. When I look at people, I don't look at them and say 'that is a black woman.' I actually don't even see that she's black. I don't see race when I'm talking to people.' That's interesting, because you wouldn't say that about gender: 'When I talk to someone, I don't even see if they're a woman or a man. Rachel, she could be a dude, she could be a woman, I don't know, I don't even notice that, like it's not something that I see. The thing about that is it's just not honest. Like, you can say it's not something I care about."

The Closing Keynote: Multigen Feminist Pornographers Mouth Off
Susie Bright and Tristan Taormino
Description: A look at both the origins and the current state of feminist pornography. Susie discusses her work with two of the earliest and most influential porn creations, On Our Backs magazine and Fatale Video as well as starting the first mail order catalog and erotic video library at Good Vibrations when it was a 2-girl operation! Tristan talks about the rise of feminist pornography and her own work with Evil Angel, Smart Ass Productions, and Vivid Entertainment. Both women reflect on the challenges and crazed victories of their history in sex-ed/porn.
Best quote: "I've been the subject of a 13-person gang bang and the most degraded I ever felt was in mainstream TV" ~ Tristan Taormino

#3. The Sponsors and Vendors

The premier sponsor of the conference was Fascinations, the "sex positive, educational and innovative retailer that empowers sexual satisfaction". They have a large selection of toys, lubes, DVDs, books and more, as well as free sexuality education articles and workshops. We want to give them a very big THANK YOU for sponsoring this conference because we truly are very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend such an awesome event for only $55.

We have gone to so many conferences and events over the years. Although this is the first conference on sexuality that we have attended, we've somehow acquired a large number of free vibrators. Yes, it is true. We have more vibrators than we can possibly use and haven't paid for a single one. (We've also gotten so much free lube over the years that we could fill a tub and bathe in it. But we won't, because it would probably be really hard to clean up after that, and knowing us we'd fall and hurt ourselves getting out the tub and it would be tough to explain that at the emergency room. Anyway, the point is we have a lot of free lube.) So we weren't surprised when we opened our gift bag from Fascinations and saw a bottle of lubricant and a vibrator, but it does score points for being our first rechargeable free vibrator. We were also impressed that they also provided a toy for those attendees who happen to have a penis; it's the first time we've personally received one of those. Of course, not having a penis ourselves, we'll have to gift that one out, but it was still pretty cool.

Additional sponsors of MOMENTUM included Wet who sponsored the Recharge Room and FetFest who sponsored A Taste of CineKink (another MOMENTUM supporter).

MOMENTUM also had a 'Marketplace' where a lot of great vendors were selling their goods...
[I wasn't able to find one that said 'white heterosexual monogamous privileged cis-woman'... shocker. But I did get something for Lil' Lilith's collection. She can put that one right next to her "I heart Pro-Choice Boys" button.]
  • Sugar - lesbian-owned, women and trans operated, mission-driven sex toy shop from Baltimore
  • Crystal Delights - hand blown glass (medical quality Pyrex) erotic toys
  • Sliquid - a line of personal lubricants and other intimate products, including but not limited to natural, glycerin-free/paraben-free lube (it's even 100% vegan)
  • PAPAYA Toys™ - German designed and engineered (manufactured in Asia) 100% medical grade silicone toys
  • Bluestockings - radical bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan
  • For Your Nymphomation™ - storage cases with a lock and key designed to discreetly hide your 'pleasurables' (condoms, sex toys, etc.)
  • Athena’s Home Novelties - one of the country's leading at-home adult novelty companies

#4. The Compliments

We have to say, this was one of the best conferences we have been to so far. Considering that it was their first year - and priced so low at only $55 - and was still able to not only hold its own against (but actually surpass in some ways) some of the bigger, longer-running conferences with major corporate sponsorships... that's really a huge accomplishment to say that MOMENTUM was really that good.

This was one of the most reasonably-priced conferences that we have had the pleasure of attending but the old adage "you get what you pay for" did not apply in this case. We got so much more than we paid for!

First of all, it was the fastest, easiest, most pleasant conference registration ever. Seriously. We were at the registration table one minute after registration officially started and they were ready for us. Everything was totally organized and ran super smoothly. We loved that they gave us FREE ICE CREAM on the first night and that the opening keynote was in the evening (instead of in the morning, when we were sure to be tired and cranky and hungover). And the presence of a bar during the keynote was great - any conference that encourages you to drink during the keynote gets the thumbs up from us.

As you can tell by what we already wrote about the sessions (see #2 above) everything was of great quality and the speakers not only knew what they were talking about, but were passionate about the subject matter. Not once did we leave a session thinking "well that was a waste of time" or "they really should've prepared more." Also, we thought it was pretty cool that there were 20-minute breaks between sessions (and a hefty amount of time allotted for lunch and dinner) so we were able to talk after a really great session and not have to worry about rushing to get to the next one on time. Plus, all of the session rooms were located right near each other which made that even more convenient.

Another great convenience was the Recharge Room. We could stop in and juice up our computers or grab some coffee... they even had chocolate covered almonds and rice krispie treats. And lots of lube thanks to WET (see #3 above). MOMENTUM really knows the way to our hearts.

Obviously we also enjoyed the fact that no one gave us a weird look when we said our blog name. Even though we're not technically sex bloggers (and our content is downright tame compared to some of the attendees) we felt right at home. And we absolutely have to praise Tess and Diva for MOMENTUM's privacy policy. Not only did they let attendees chose what they would like their badges to say (e.g., a pen name vs. the name on your credit card) but they color-coded the badges in order to indicate attendees' willingness to be photographed. That was a refreshing change for those of us who are still anonymous (especially after having been to conferences where sessions are not only photographed, but often videotaped!)

Overall, we have nothing but praise for MOMENTUM.

#5. The Criticisms

Didn't you see that we just said we have nothing but praise!?

Anyone who knows us, knows that we love to complain and we just do not hold back. So it may shock some of you to learn that we do not have any criticisms of this conference. None. The only bad things we could possibly say about the event are all related to the hotel (see #6 below) which has nothing to with Momentum or Tess or Diva. So our only complaint is that Momentum deserved better!!

#6. The Hotel
We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Silver Spring, Maryland... or as we like to call it, the Hotel of Horrors. (Or the 'Roach Motel'.) Oh boy, this is going to be a long rant, so just strap yourself in right now and get ready to dive in because this was the worst hotel experience we have ever had. We're no strangers to hotels and conferences, and we've done it all... we've stayed in big, fancy places like the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, tiny little no-frills hotels by the airport like the Sleep Inn in Sea-Tac (Seattle-Tacoma, Washington) and everything in between. We've even stayed at Skidmore College in the dorms for the IWWG conference and even that was better than our experience at the Crowne Plaza.

First of all, here's our lovely view from our hotel room:

Yep, another parking lot. But that's not really part of the complaint because with the exception of our stay at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas (which was probably our best hotel experience, while we're on the subject) we almost always have a crappy view. It's just part of the ESC Travel Experience. The reason we're even showing it at all, is because this was one of the nicer aspects of our stay at the Crowne Plaza Silver Spring.

When we first got to our room it wasn't clean. Sure the beds were technically made and trash cans were empty and the toilet paper was folded into a little point... but it wasn't clean. It's very disappointing to sit down on your freshly-made bed and feel the need to brush dirt off of it. One might call what the housekeeping staff did a 'surface cleaning', but truthfully, the surfaces weren't clean either. The carpet just felt dirty under our feet. We lived out of our suitcases all weekend because the insides of the drawers were yucky. And the bathroom was anything but pristine. In fact, up until the last day of our stay we both thought the tissue container had a black/grey speckle print... turns out it was black with a layer of dust. Ick!

Speaking of the bathroom... the toilet didn't work. It took a minimum of 3 flushes just to get a small amount of toilet paper to go down. And the water in the shower turned ice cold halfway through my not-very-long-at-all shower. When we called to request more towels it was so staticy that we could barely hear the woman at the front desk. She offered to have someone come up and check the phone, but no one ever came. Our TV was also pretty crappy. The jokey complaint was that we didn't have enough channels... the legitimate complaint was that many of the channels were staticy and unwatchable. (One channel would just get stuck on a random image for hours at a time - for the first ten minutes or so we thought that the Price Is Right contestant we kept seeing was just considering her next move very carefully.) The volume control was also kind of nutty. We were pleased with the fact that the hotel offered free WiFi to all guests - something we definitely needed - but unfortunately it kept closing and prompting us to log back in again and again.

The walls between the rooms were surprisingly thin - we're used to staying in hotels and sometimes you have to deal a little neighbor noise. We were next door to a family with a baby - a crying baby. One of us is a parent and both of us are used to children and like children. We know how hard it is to travel with small kids so neither of us are going to fault someone's baby for crying. But wow, we sure could hear that baby cry clearly from next door. We could hear every noise from next door. Our neighbors were not being excessively loud... the walls were just that thin.

We're used to conference rooms being too cold, but these were painfully hot. The ladies rooms were constantly out of toilet paper... yes, we know that this happens, but they knew there was a conference there... they should have had more staff on hand to take care of the little things. They should have had more staff on hand, period.

Speaking of being understaffed, we had to eat lunch out every day... because the hotel restaurant would not serve us.

This hotel has only one restaurant - the River City Grille - so we were concerned that it might be packed when we broke for lunch on the first full-day of the conference (Saturday). We were surprised to find it almost empty. The hostess looked annoyed when we asked to be seated and told us that they had only one server so it was going to take a very long time... so we should go somewhere else. No apology, no explanation of why there was only ONE server at 1:00 (prime lunch time), no suggestion of what she might be able to do to help. Didn't the hotel know that they had a conference booked for this weekend? Didn't they know that the hotel had guests in it? Didn't they think that more than 3 people might want to eat at a time? Those who did attempt to eat in the restaurant said the service was painfully slow... we just gave up and walked down the street to have an awesome lunch somewhere else (see #9 below).

The only other place you could find food within the walls of the hotel was the tiny coffee shop, La Vida Mocha. They seemed to almost never be open (apparently they haven't gotten the memo yet that some people also enjoy coffee in the afternoon) and when we were able to get in there and get coffee, we heard them tell the person on line ahead of us that they didn't have iced coffee. No really, they said no to iced coffee... in April. We didn't hear anyone ask for anything fancy, like stereotypical snooty New Yorkers might, just basic iced coffee. At least the servers at the coffee shop were friendly. So were the ladies serving our free ice cream sundaes. We can't say the same for the woman who was bartending during the evening keynote on Friday. I tiptoed over there and whispered so quietly "two Coronas please" so as not to disturb the keynote. She did not show the same courtesy.

We ordered breakfast in one morning via room service and were surprised to find that our "toast" was just soft bread with grill marks on it. We realize that complaining about the toast is really a minor, petty gripe, but at this point, we're just so exasperated by the utter ineptitude of this hotel that we really do need to point out that they can't even get toast right. We left our trays outside the door to be collected later that morning - this was about 9:00 am - and when we returned after lunch (around 2:00) they were still there! Ew.

It was after we ate our breakfast that we learned that the Crowne Plaza apparently has roaches. (Wish we had found out this tidbit of info before breakfast.) We were lucky enough that we didn't see any in our room, but we noticed on Twitter that Katherine Curtis and Samantha Fraser found a cockroach in their room...

Ugh. So gross. We still shudder thinking about that! We were up almost all night with our eyes wide open, terrified that a roach was going to crawl all over us... That would be reason enough to never ever ever ever go back to the Crowne Plaza, but all the other criticisms added to it until it was just one big pile of FAIL.

Now we will say that some of the staffers we dealt with were very nice and genuinely tried to be helpful (even if they were unable to). The woman who checked us in at the front desk was very friendly (if a little too talky, but that's fine, we're talky too) and we were checked in relatively quickly. The drivers of the hotel shuttle were very nice and helped us with our luggage and got us where we needed to go quickly. The woman who brought us up our non-toasted toast was very friendly. The bartender in the hotel bar was also nice and friendly (if a little overwhelmed, as he was also by himself), which was a relief since we're always a little less cranky after a drink or two. It just wasn't enough... they were so desperately understaffed and the nice, helpful staff members couldn't negate the rude, non-helpful ones.

But most importantly, we were displeased with the way that the hotel handled the conference itself. According to conference organizers, the hotel wouldn't let them put up any signs, etc. because there was also a youth group staying in the hotel that weekend. Um, okay - It's not called ORGY-Fest. There's nothing inherently dirty about the name MOMENTUM. If it was really a concern, why would they book a youth group at the same time as a sexuality conference in the first place? We were a perfectly tame, respectful group of people. It's not like anyone was running around waving dildos in a threatening manner. We were there to talk about sex - behind the closed doors of our session rooms - and that's it. We were all very conscious about being courteous and respectful of the children staying at the hotel. But that's more than we can say about the teenagers themselves, who were often rude and disobedient (and apparently were never taught elevator etiquette).

Also, not once did we notice a staff member sticking their head in a room or asking "everything okay?" or "do you need anything?" If the organizers needed something, they had to beg for it. Simple things like toilet paper and water... Crowne Plaza you've got to get your shit together! It really felt like the hotel just did not want us there. And if that was the case...well, mission accomplished. We'll never be back! (It's no surprise that the conference organizers are looking for another venue for next year's MOMENTUM.)

The funniest thing was when we handed in our 'comment card' at the end of the trip and mentioned that this was our worst hotel experience ever. The ladies at the front desk looked shocked - "oh no! what happened?" (What didn't happen?) Come on, get real. You know your hotel is dirty and understaffed. You're not shocked.

Okay, we're done. Sorry this was so long, we just had a lot of feelings. On the plus side, this totally made up for how short the Criticisms section was.

#7. New Contacts and Friends and Inspirations

We met so many great people this weekend... but we haven't completely organized our pile of business cards and stuff yet, so we're just going to list some of our new twitter friends/followers for now (and if we left you out that doesn't mean we didn't like you!) Some of these people we met randomly and some of these people we were just really inspired by hearing them speak. We definitely recommend that you all check these people out! (And if we're not already twitter friends, follow us now!)
This list could go on and on. Basically, everyone we met at MOMENTUM was awesome.

#8. The Random ESC Moments

Of course, it's totally our luck to be traveling on April Fools Day... but the universe played an awful prank on us. On the way into D.C. not only was our Amtrak delayed 40 minutes (as usual) but we somehow ended up in the quiet car. THE. QUIET. CAR. As in the no-loud-talking-and-being-obnoxious car. Us... in the goddamn quiet car!? Note to Amtrak: Why don't you clearly mark the quiet car? Like really clearly? Like a big ass sign that says "DON'T GET ON THIS CAR YOU NOISY BITCHES!" Luckily we found our way to another car before we had a nervous breakdown... but those 10 minutes of silence were really tough.

As we mentioned before, we've gone to a lot of conferences and stayed in a lot of hotels over the years. It can get a little exhausting so we always make sure to give ourselves a little time to chill and zone out and... watch terrible TV. The crappy hotel had crappy cable so we ended up watching a marathon of Law & Order... Leave it to the ESC to spend most of our day talking about sex-positivity and respectful BDSM, only to turn around watch hours of women getting raped and abused.

We also watched part of Sex and the City 2 because really, there was nothing else to watch. (It's kind of hilarious considering that we watched the first SATC movie in our hotel room when we were at BlogHer; there was nothing else on then either). Now we thought the first movie was pretty bad, but wow, the sequel was just awful. Not only did it just plain old suck, but it was racist and offensive on so many levels. And seriously could the timing have been any worse for a movie about such utter extravagant money-wasting to be made in this economic climate? (When Charlotte - the stay-at-home mom, who has a live-in nanny - complains that she's exhausted and burnt out from raising her kids, we had little sympathy.) We've heard some rumors of a possible third movie, and we're not sure how to feel about that - on the one hand it's a horrible idea, but on the other hand we're going to need something to watch in our hotel when we're attending MOMENTUM 2013.

We were introduced to Reid Mihalko at the hotel bar on the last night of the conference. As soon as he heard the name of our blog and that we're all about reclaiming 'slut' and calling out slut-shaming, he gave us a big hug. Totally canceled out the dirty looks and blank stares that we've gotten from various mommybloggers and affiliate marketers over the years.

Speaking of the hotel bar, we had a great time hanging out with Tess and Diva and a bunch of other cool people on that last night. We all traded hotel horror stories, talked about our favorite sessions, and asked a million premature questions about next year's conference. And on the way back up to our rooms at the end of the night, one of us saying 'hey, you guys have a suite? can we see what that looks like?' turned into us hanging out in Tess and Diva's room eating chocolate covered almonds and gossiping even more. They also gave us Rice Krispie Treats for the road. Best conference organizers ever.

#9. The Area

As we mentioned above, the conference was not actually held in D.C. but in nearby Silver Spring, Maryland. Not a big deal, since it was easily accessible with the D.C. Metro. But speaking of that - we will never complain about the MTA again after our experience with the Metro. (Okay, we totally will, but not for the next few weeks.) We're used to the NYC subway where every ride is the same price, but with the Metro there are different prices depending on the station and the time of day. The times are broken up into Regular, Reduced, and Peak-of-the-peak, which makes no sense at all. Why is there a Peak-of-the-peak when there's no Peak? So you have to do the math yourself, which is no big deal but a little inconvenient when you have a long line of people stretching out behind you. You also have to insert your ticket again to exit (good thing we didn't throw them out like we might have with a single ride ticket in NYC) and pay an "exit fare" if you managed to screw up the calculations and not pay enough. Fun!

Very complicated instructions!

One cool thing about the location of the hotel (there were no cool things about the hotel itself) was that it was just a few blocks away from "downtown" Silver Spring and an outdoor shopping center full of shops and restaurants. The first night that we were there, we went to a place called the Copper Canyon Grill for dinner. We were tired and cranky and hadn't had a real meal while traveling, and we can honestly say that Copper Canyon made it all better.

Much like MOMENTUM was our first complaint-free conference, we couldn't find a single thing wrong with our meal. Everything was great. So great that we ended up having dinner there all three nights that we were in town. We got particularly obsessed with the glazed carrots, which were like little pillows of sweet orange awesomeness. We even converted one of our waiters who was "not a carrot person" by insisting that he try them; once he did he admitted that the experience was life-changing.

These carrots are life-changing.

This dessert was too much even for us.

We were deeply saddened to learn that there is no Copper Canyon Grill anywhere in the New York area. We're seriously considering opening a franchise. Those carrots were really good.

So while we didn't care for the hotel (did we mention anything about that yet?), we would definitely return to the Silver Spring area for a conference in the future. Or, you know, just make a quick trip down to eat at Copper Canyon. Those carrots were really good.

What Others Are Saying About MOMENTUM

If you've also written about MOMENTUM, please leave a link in the comments! We'd love to see it.


Mistress Kay said...

Wow! That's an amazing post. Loved reading about Momentum and your experience. The hotel sounds the worst.

Dangerous Lilly said...

In a sadistic (or is it masochistic?) way I'm getting a kick out of reading everybody else's horror stories on the hotel.

My fave one-liner: the room floors were like being in Castle Wolfenstein. YES.

I did a Part 2 post as well, and quite frankly have at least 6 other con-related posts up. The sessions and the people taught me SO much.

But yes agreed, what a fucking feat that the only complaints on this con from anybody are about the hotel and not the con. Also thank you for pointing out that the vibe is rechargeable, I hadn't even noticed, lol. (no, I've not yet unpacked)


Tess said...

Thanks for this post, Sluts!

Very complete, detailed and fun to read. Love the best lines from sessions and of course, the hotel horror story. What a shame about that but next year we'll find a better one. Any suggestions?

Hope to see you soon.

Emerald said...

What a comprehensive, delightful, entertaining post! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Ack, sorry to hear about your experience(s) with the hotel (I'm local, so I wasn't staying in it. I did feel like the room for Reid's presentation Saturday afternoon was about 50 degrees though. :)).

I was at the bar Sunday night after the conference was over too...I'm not sure who you both are, so I don't know if I met you! :) Regardless, thanks again for this post—I loved reading it—and I'm delighted to know of your blog and its aim!

Lastly, I got my initial post on the conference up last night (technically early this morning). It's here: http://thegreenlightdistrict.org/wordpress/2011/04/an-extraordinary-gathering-and-a-gathering-of-the-extraordinary/.

All best,

InsomniasBitch said...

At least they didn't have bed bugs. I checked ; )

GirlinGlasses said...

It absolutely astounds me how utterly foolish hotels can be about scheduling conferences and the like. The summer Fetish Flea Fair (a New England Leather Association event) one year recently ended up sharing a hotel (I'm omitting the name because I don't want to inadvertently shame the wrong chain) with some youth soccer conference. While the Crown Clueless clearly had some issues with the fact that they'd scheduled a sex-positive conference at the same time as the youth event, this hotel DID schedule a very overt adult-themed conference, including workshops on electricity toys, erotic ropework, and various fetish panels. We're talking about an event where it would neither be unusual nor inappropriate to see a pony player in full regalia or a grown individual on a leash. It was the single LEAST comfortable FFF I have ever attended.

I find it utterly ridiculous that the Crown Clueless treated MOMENTUM the same way this chain treated the FFF, but I'm glad to read that it doesn't seem to have put a damper on your experiences at all! It sounds like a great conference, and something I might totally be interested in if I do keep with this blog thing in a more serious capacity.

RebelGuru said...

Kat Curtis's nails were done by The Gypsy, check out more geek nail pics at thegypsy.ca