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April 29, 2011

Cosmo Continues Their Investigative Reporting on Girls Kissing

Every issue of Cosmo is full of insightful tips that help us to think about life and relationships in a new way. For example, from the April issue we've learned that when you kiss another woman, the most important thing to consider is...what a man might think.
How He'd React If You Kissed A Girl

The results of our online poll aren't exactly shocking, but it's always good to know what you can get away with!

71% of men said that it'd be hot and they'd want to join in.

29% said that it'd be a deal breaker.

Cosmo stays topical and current by referencing Black Swan rather than Katy Perry.

One of the things that has always impressed us about Cosmo is their ability to pack so much wrong into such small spaces. Let's count the ways with this one. First, as I already mentioned, why should my primary concern with kissing another woman be what he thinks? Who is "he" anyway? My boyfriend? Is Cosmo really still living in this imaginary world where lesbian and bisexual women don't exist? And if I have a boyfriend, why am I kissing another woman? Is Cosmo really still pushing the idea that the only reason women kiss other women is to get attention from men? Is my girl-on-girl kiss a "deal breaker" for him because he didn't get to (or want to) join in, or because I cheated on him by kissing someone else? Do open relationships exist in Cosmoland? Why were these two stupid choices the only options in this very scientific poll? And are they serious with that "it's always good to know what you can get away with" nonsense?

So many questions. Unfortunately Cosmo doesn't have any good answers.


GirlinGlasses said...

And what about grey areas? Either it's hot or it's a deal-breaker? Where's the "I don't care" option? The "It makes me feel glad for humanity that these two women feel like they can express their love freely and safely?" option? Oh, whoops, this is COSMO we're discussing not some silly liberal blog. My bad. /rolleyes

Jezebel said...

GirlinGlasses - Totally agree about grey areas. One of the reasons that we write about these Cosmo polls is because it annoys us so much that most of the time their 'polling' involves giving guys only two options to choose from (both usually pretty stupid, like in this case) and then acting like the results are definitive proof of "what guys really want".

Kza said...

If you're a straight girl, what other reason would you have to kiss another female besides getting attention from males? Assuming that you're not bisixual on any level.

Sydnee said...

Cosmo is garbage. Everyone knows that, and you've done a great job of showing that countless times before. I just don't see why it's necessary to keep giving attention to the same crappy magazine with the same crappy articles when you've already proved your point. =/ Why not focus on other, lesser known-as-crappy media sources, or highlight some that are actually worth a darn?

Kelli said...

Cosmo doesn't have good answers unless you are a man because it seems that a large part of what they write is male oriented.

You're right, if I decide to kiss a chick, it's because *I* want to.

As a straight woman I get particularly tired of straight men asking me if I've ever "been with a girl" as they mentally lick their chops. No, I reply, have you ever been with a boy? This of course is some how ridiculous or even offensive to them. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

VERY scientific! Those ladies over at Cosmo sure know how to earn their white lab coats. However, those coats are short-cropped, and cannot under any circumstances worn with pants. NO PANTS, LADIES.