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August 6, 2011

DJ Skribble: Worst DJ Ever

Okay, we're just going to put a little disclaimer right here... we are very drunk. We are at the BlogHer 2011 conference and we just came from the Sparklecorn party where we were subjected to the WORST DJ EVER, who apparently is the used to be sorta-kinda-not-really famous DJ Skribble from MTV in the '90s.

Since we're way too drunk to write a real review (don't worry, when we do our full Blogher11 recap, we will be sure to continue this rant) here is just a sampling of some of our favorite insults of DJ Skribble that we either said or heard at this year's Sparklecorn party... enjoy...

He should've stayed at the MTV Beach House... in 1998.

Couldn't we have found some other has-been DJ from the 90s for this party?

He shouldn't even DJ anymore. He should be like those guys at the sci-fi conventions, where they don't actually do anything anymore, they just sit at a table and sign autographs. (Is there a convention for sucky DJs?)

I officially hate him. I want to physically hurt him.

This guy is like DJ ADD. Way too impressed with his remixes. Just play one good song all the way through!

Apparently this DJ is famous in Las Vegas. So is Criss Angel and he sucks too.

Where's DJ Pauly D when you need him? This guy blows.

It's official. Worst Sparklecorn ever, thanks to the DJ. We haven't found one person who likes him.

I got on stage and yelled at him and asked him to play at least ONE song all the way through. So he played a really really terrible song... all the way through. Thanks.

DJ Skribble said to get really drunk. Can you imagine if we weren't drunk? Not enough booze in the world.

If you have to google the DJ to remember who he is and where he's from, then he's not that famous.

The DJ at my cousin's bar mitzvah in 1995 was better than this idiot. 
I've been giving him the evil eye all night. I'm just going to keep doing it until he plays at least one good song.

Ugh, DJ Skribble? That's what passes for a semi-celebrity at BlogHer? Where's the Jimmy Dean sun?
Hey DJ Skribble... 1992 called and they want their sucky DJ back.
Hey Sparklecorn, how bout next year you spend a little less money on the unicorn cake and hire an actual DJ?

He finally plays a Michael Jackson song and it's the least danceable one ever? We heard a better one on the elevator earlier today.

If they were going to bring back a DJ from the 90s couldn't it have been Spinderella instead?

We could have thrown a better dance party in our hotel room, by putting our iPods on shuffle.
Add your own!


djskribble said...

I'm sorry u can't please everyone... Thank to everyone who came out and had fun

Double Duty Mommy said...

yeah but the Flash Mob was AMAZING!!


Well, it's hard to please everyone when you refuse to listen to requests and complaints. You can't please EVERYONE but next time, how bout trying to please at least SOME of us? Almost every person we talked to at that party either hated it or just disliked it. The twitter stream was blowing up with how bad the music was.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'll add my own:

The only reason anyone watched MTV's The Grind was for Eric Nies... NOT DJ Skribble!

Anonymous said...

Listening to DJ Scribble last night was like when you filp through your ipod looking for a song you like... and so all you hear is a few words. He only played intros!

MJ said...

Not only did the music suck, but he had a serious attitude anytime anyone tried to make a request, etc. There is a time and place for that kind of music and Sparklecorn was not it. You have to know your audience and he just really really didn't. There were a few drunk idiots dancing on the stage and that probably gave him the impression that everything was fine, but if he actually took a second to look into the crowd or listen to complaints he would've known he wasn't getting the job done. Who DJed the Sparklecorn party last year? They were great. (So was the DJ from the cheeseburger party the next time.)

Muskrat said...

i had fun at the party but was, admittedly, disappointed in the DJ's music selections.