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September 1, 2011

Way to go BlogHer!

Just a mere 3 hours ago, we posted a blog about a problematic questionnaire we found while registering for BlogHer12. [Read the original blog here: Dear BlogHer: Transgender is not a sexual orientation]

In what is possibly the fastest response and resolution of a issue that we've ever encountered, Elisa from BlogHer commented on the blog just a few minutes ago:
Hi there. First, I did want to let you know why we bother asking about orientation at all. As you have noticed, we do a lot of outreach to various diverse communities within our community. We do this when seeking panel submissions, speaker suggestions, and of course attendees. We ask about race and orientation in our registration survey, because we want to know if our outreach is working/helping.

Second, you make a totally valid point that lumping the T in with the LGB in our orientation question is not appropriate.So, I've removed it. Finally, I can't remember anymore why we would have offered G/L/B as a choice in addition to just Bisexual and Gay/Lesbian. So, to simplify things, I've removed that too.

Thanks for the feedback.
We were so impressed by the way they handled the issue and resolved it in minutes, that we wanted to give a little shout out saying so. Like we said in the original blog, we hated to criticize BlogHer for trying to be more inclusive and we're glad that they're acknowledging that not all attendees are the same (unlike some other conferences). So props to Elisa and BlogHer for fixing their error so quickly! If only everyone else who ever mixed up LGBT terminology would handle it the same way.

Thanks BlogHer! See you in New York in 2012!

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