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October 28, 2011

The One Million Moms Target Target, Teen Nick, and The Trevor Project

The One Million Moms have really outdone themselves with their latest action alert. The alert follows their typical formula - targeting an advertiser for daring to support a TV show that commits the horrible sin of featuring a gay character or other "inappropriate" storyline - but this time there's a twist. Check it out (emphasis mine, and there's a lot of emphasis because I have a lot of feelings):

TARGET is Our Next Target

MTV's channel "Teen Nick" has begun airing a promotional announcement for TheTrevorHelpline.org. The Trevor Helpline states it is "a free and confidential service that's open for gay and questioning youth. Be proud of who you are." The organization's website has a constant link called "Things to consider when coming out" and is currently promoting "LGBT History Month October 2011. 31 Days. 31 Icons." It goes on to list celebrities that are LGBT icons. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, and now adding Q which stands for Questioning Youth is referenced LGBTQ on this site.

The Trevor Helpline promotion aired during the "Beat It" episode of Teen Nick's Degrassi series when teen Riley, the openly gay football captain and starting quarterback, declined reparative therapy for his homosexuality. Not only is Teen Nick now featuring a show that encourages the nation's youth to embrace alternate lifestyles, but the family retail chain Target Corporation is helping through sponsorship.

Upon discovering that Target Corporation is one of the main advertisers during the shameful and inappropriate program Degrassi, OMM is disappointed and the retail chain needs to be held accountable. At least three Target advertisements appeared during each episode of Degrassi this past weekend.

They are openly recruiting teens and children to become 'gay' on a program that also promotes the transgender and homosexual lifestyle.

OMM wonders how the helpline helps a child or teenager who may be a bit confused about his or her sexuality, since it openly promotes that "if you call this helpline, you are not persuaded to walk away from the lifestyle. You are persuaded to be proud and embrace it." Target and Teen Nick are being extremely irresponsible.

I'm not surprised that the Moms are complaining about Degrassi in general, and Riley's storyline in particular. I'm not surprised that they're perpetuating the ridiculous notion that the LGBT community sets out to "recruit" young people to embrace the gay agenda. I'm also not surprised that they're fans of the dangerous and discredited concept of "reparative therapy". But they've really lowered the bar by targeting a suicide prevention hotline. If they want to believe that the Trevor Lifeline is misguided and that they should really be telling LGBTQ youth to 'pray the gay away' rather than giving them real support, that's fine. (I mean, it's not fine with me, but I can acknowledge that that's their fucked up belief.) But would they really rather see young people commit suicide than call a helpline?

Here's a couple of the comments about this issue from the OMM facebook page:

It is pitiful how twisted our world has become. People God made man and woman. There is plenty of ways to help people without sending them in a direction that separates them from their loving maker. How sad that people will choose to die and be forever in the lake of fire rather than accept how God created us to live. This gay and lesbian stuff is the same kind of stuff that was going on in Sodom and Gamora which got them crushed. Please turn to the God who LOVES YOU SO MUCH.

Just because we love everyone does not mean we support their lifestyle. Jesus never said "It's okay that you're a sinner." He said we are all sinners but he has come to set us free from that lifestyle. We are called to love like he loved which SO many Christians don't do, however we cannot support sin in any way either. If this hotline were a lifeline to help children understand why they were feeling that way and not push them to a lifestyle that is not what we are intended to have there would be an entirely different response. No one wants to see children bullied or judged but we also don't want someone pushing them to embrace a lifestyle of sin based on fleshly desires and many times dysfunctional relationships. There needs to be a balance here that has been ignored for too long. Secular society is pushing children toward sin and Christian society isn't doing any better. Instead of treating struggling people with disgust or judgement we need to be reaching out to them with love and with a loving truth.
These compassionate Christian mothers must be so proud of themselves.

As with all OMM action alerts, you can contact the companies that they're targeting and voice your point of view to counteract the flood of ignorant emails that they're getting from OMM supporters. To support The Trevor Project, you can check out TheTrevorProject.org for ways to help. (And if you need support yourself, call the Trevor Lifeline at 866-488-7386.) Or you can text TREVOR to 85944 to donate $5.00 to The Trevor Project. And as for us, we'll keep watching the Moms so you don't have to.

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