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December 9, 2011

One Million Moms Protest Macy's For Firing Transphobic Employee

In the latest action alert from the One Million Moms, they're taking a break from obsessing over the imaginary "war on Christmas" to protest Macy's for firing a Christian employee. Here's what happened, according to them:

Macy's fires Christian for protecting women's dressing rooms from cross-dresser

Macy's has fired a Christian woman for refusing to violate her religious beliefs. Her offense? She prevented a man dressed as a woman from entering the women’s dressing room.

According to Liberty Counsel, Natalie Johnson says she saw the young man walk out of the women's fitting room and politely told him that he could not go back in because it was for women only. The cross-dressing young man claimed that he is a "female." Johnson said that he was wearing make-up and girl's clothing, but clearly he was a male. The cross-dresser was accompanied by five other individuals.

The group argued with expletives that Macy's is LGBT-friendly, to which Johnson replied that Macy's is also non-discriminatory toward religion, and that it would go against her religious beliefs to lie that he was a woman or compromise with homosexuality. The group then demanded to speak with a manager.

Johnson’s boss referred her to Macy's LGBT policy which allows "transgender" people to change in any dressing room they want.

The manager demanded that she comply with the LGBT policies or lose her job. Johnson refused to go against her sincerely held religious beliefs and was terminated from her job.

Macy's has essentially opened women's dressing rooms to every man. The LGBT agenda has become the theater of the absurd.
We found another source that confirmed the basic details of this story, minus the OMM's transphobia. It also included some quotes from Natalie Johnson, like this gem:
Asked if she would handle the situation the same way if given another chance, Johnson said she would.

“There are no transgenders in the world. A guy can dress up as a woman all he wants. That’s still not going to make you a woman,” Johnson said. “If you’re a man going into the women’s fitting room, I will kindly escort you to the men’s fitting room.”

Obviously we side with Macy's on this one. Johnson is free to personally disagree with the dressing room policy if she wants to, but if she's going to continue to be rude to customers who are doing nothing wrong and refuse to comply with the policy even after her manager tells her to, then Macy's was right to fire her.

The OMM's claim that Johnson was "protecting" the dressing room is offensive and ridiculous. If I'm a woman trying on women's clothes in the women's dressing room, why would I need to be protected from another woman doing the exact same thing just because one of us happens to be a trans woman? (If anything, a trans woman would be more likely to run into trouble with bigoted shoppers if she was forced to use the men's dressing room by a bigoted employee like Johnson.) The implication that all trans people are potential predators, or that lots of men are going to start exploiting this policy and dressing up as women to get access to the women's dressing room, or that men who really are predators are currently being thwarted by dressing room policies in the first place...well, to use the OMM's word, the entire thing is absurd.

So far it seems that Macy's is standing by their policy and has no plans to rehire Johnson:

Macy’s senior vice president of corporate communications and external affairs Jim Sluzewski issued the following statement:

“Macy’s is very proud of our philosophy of diversity and inclusion, and we welcome all customers into our stores. This includes customers of all races, ethnicities, ages, genders, faith traditions, countries of origins and lifestyle preferences. We strive to ensure that each customer is able to shop in a discrimination-free environment.”

The OMM was nice enough to gather some contact info for Macy's, so if you'd like to counteract their transphobic protest by contacting Macy's and thanking them for having and enforcing an LGBT-friendly dressing room policy, here it is:
Email Macy's President Terry Lundgren and urge him to immediately apologize to Natalie, reinstate her position with Macy's and put safeguards in place to protect women customers from men who would enter their dressing areas.

IMPORTANT! Personally call Macy's headquarters at 513-579-7000 and express your outrage at this injustice to female employees and customers.

Other numbers to call:

Jim Sluzewski, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications - 513-579-7764
Macy's Media Relations - Julie Strider, 646-429-5213

Terry J. Lundgren, President
7 West Seventh Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Primary Phone: 513-579-7000
Secondary Phone: 513-579-7764
Fax: 513-579-7555
E-Mail: Terry J. Lundgren, Macy's

We also looked up the contact info for the store where this incident happened if anyone wants to contact the store management directly:

Macy's San Antonio Rivercenter
151 East Bowie Street
San Antonio, TX 78205


Kate LBT said...

Disgustingly, there are a certain number of faux-feminist lesbians who are more than willing to play along with conservative Christian groups like OMM in transphobic ventures like this one. Fortunately, these are the same small percentage of faux-feminists who have been doing the same thing since the 1970s and are now getting old and seeing their political power wane; unfortunately they still have enough power to do a lot of damage.

Penny Sautereau-Fife, Shaman Of Hedon said...

The closed minded (Expletives inserted here) can believe whatever hateful bigoted drivel (that isn't actually in the Bible) that she wants, but if she wants employment she MUST abide by the rules of her employer. Her lawsuit will be laughed out of court, seeing as she HAD to have been told/taught these policies when she was hired and agreed to abide by them then or she wouldn't have gotten hired to begin with.

GreenEyedLilo said...

I simply can't believe that your average straight man would put on a dress and try to present as female so he could use the womens' dressing room and bother female customers. Also, ciswomen can get violent toward other women (as I once saw in a dispute over a prom dress) or try to shoplift. I don't think I need protection from trans* women. As a bi Pagan ciswoman married to another woman, I worry much more about people who think they can inflict their beliefs on others. Good on Macy's. I need to check out their sales.