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January 16, 2012

Ladies of Liberty: Pre-Valentine Party

As you may already know, we have been participating with an organization called Soldiers' Angels by sending letters and care packages to deployed servicemembers. We thought we'd give everyone a little update of how things are going and give you information on how you can get involved!

The Ladies of Liberty program focuses specifically on the needs of deployed female servicemembers and makes special efforts to support and encourage them. They assist with supplies for their unique health and hygiene needs and help them experience a few "pampering" moments to rejuvenate themselves, even in the environment of war. They collect items such as feminine hygiene materials, vitamins, body scrub, facial masks, shampoo, conditioner, brushes, books, magazines and DVDs.

We recently hosted a Cards for the Troops Pre-Valentine's Day party to collect and create valentine's cards for female servicemembers deployed overseas. (Yes, we know it's a little early for Valentine's Day, but it can take several weeks for mail to reach the troops sometimes.) The party was a huge success and we now have over 40 handmade cards!

There are a lot of ways to get involved with Soldiers' Angels. We hope you'll all consider signing up or helping out. Soldiers' Angels is a non-political group... so it doesn't matter how you feel about war to support the men and women risking their lives in it.

Happy very early Valentine's Day!

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