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February 18, 2012

We jumped on the meme bandwagon!

We've seen a lot of those "What my friends think I do/what I actually do, etc" memes floating around... so we decided to create our own. Can you relate?

Disclaimer: Obviously this isn't true of all feminists. This is just our own personal take on the meme. If you read our blog at all, you'll get it.


it's not about me, or us said...

Love this, think it's funny, was all ready to click Share, but then noticed that's an awfully white meme you've got there. A little bit of a ladyboner-killer: can't really get behind that.


That's a totally valid criticism. Like we said in our disclaimer this was just meant to reflect our experience as feminists and we never intended it to be the one and only feminist version of this meme. (For example, the 'what our parents think we do' is based on something that happened to us a few years ago, and the 'what we actually do' applies to us as bloggers but obviously wouldn't apply to everyone.)

We'd love to see a bunch of other feminist versions of this meme - we saw one for Women of Color Feminists the other day that we thought was great.

There's also the issue that we wouldn't necessarily want to take random pictures of women of color and insert them into our feminist meme because we know that many women of color don't identify as feminists and find the label problematic. So we tried to keep our interpretation of the meme strictly to those experiences we could personally identify with.

But we definitely hear you and appreciate the criticism. If anyone else has their own version of this meme (for feminists, womanists, or another related group) please post a link!