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March 28, 2012

Back Up Your Birth Control Day of Action 2012!

Today is the 11th annual Back Up Your Birth Control Day of Action! This year's theme is EC=BC, and the goal is "to defeat the myths and lies, by spreading the word that EC is a safe and effective form of birth control that prevents pregnancy after sex, but will only work if you are not pregnant". It's more important than ever right now to talk about emergency contraception since right-wingers are working overtime to attack birth control, jeopardize women's health, and shame women for being sexually active.

Today's a good day to take a little time to get the facts, get your coupons, and get involved. We've heard so many stories of people being denied access to EC when they should have been allowed to buy it, or having to deal with dirty looks and harassment from judgmental pharmacy employees. We've also been frustrated by stories we've seen in the media (both the conservative and the "mainstream" media) that have gotten the facts about EC totally wrong.

We need to try to make sure that accurate information about EC is out there and to counter the misinformation that is constantly spread by the anti-choice community. Taking EC is not the same as taking an "abortion pill". (But it would still be okay even if it was.) Taking EC doesn't make you a slut. Taking EC is a responsible choice and it's a choice that we should be free to make for ourselves. Anyone who wants EC should be able to access it without fear or hassle or shame or judgment. EC is BC!

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