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April 8, 2012

How to Lose Your Virginity

We recently helped support the film How to Lose Your Virginity (a documentary project by Therese Schecter) on Kickstarter. We were lucky enough to be able to see a preview of this film at the MOMENTUM conference last weekend and we were really impressed by it and are really looking forward to seeing the finished film. If you'd like to learn more and support Therese as she finishes this project, check out her page on Kickstarter.

By making a donation to the project on Kickstarter, you'll not only support a great project but you'll also choice of rewards and thank yous. Here's a little more info on the film:
I am not going to tell you how to have sex for the first time. I do want to know why, in our hyper-sexualized American culture, we're so obsessed with virginity.
Our goal for How To Lose Your Virginity is to undo centuries of myths and contradictions around virginity, and to encourage an honest conversation with people navigating the confusing process of deciding when and why to become sexual. What do a rock violinist, an Ivy League blogger and an Ohio engineer have in common? They're all subverting the virginity narrative in our film.

The "How to Lose Your Virginity" trailer from Trixie Films on Vimeo.
Thanks to our fantastic supporters we've finished our first rough cut, are talking with distributors and have given voice to young people all over the world who've submitted their own stories to our blog. The project earned spots in prestigious events such as the IFP Film Market, the Paley Center pitching forum, and the Hot Docs Documentary Festival Master Class.
We're excited to be back with a second Kickstarter campaign to raise money to finish up the film, hire our composer and animator and license our footage. We are so close to being done, but we can't finish without a successful fundraiser.
If you've been following the media, you know the subject is more timely than ever: Recently, Rush Limbaugh told single women everywhere that they’d better act like virgins if they don’t want to be shamed as sluts and insulted on national television. Fifty years after the sexual revolution, this attitude continues to define a young woman’s morality and self-worth.
Female virginity has been ‘restored’ through surgery, fetishized by porn and commoditized by popular culture. The US government has spent $1.5 billion dollars promoting it through abstinence programs. It’s fetched tens of thousands of dollars at auction. That's our damaging virginity culture at work and our film addresses these issues head-on.
What does How to Lose Your Virginity mean to young people? Here's what one young woman told me:
“Hearing about other people’s experiences with virginity made me feel differently about losing my own, and all the soul searching that resulted. I don’t know what it’s going to take for me to achieve a normal sex life, but I feel more comforted that maybe one day it’ll happen.” Read more of these
My first documentary I Was a Teenage Feminist ignited a movement to redefine feminism for the 21st century at universities, on television and at events all over the world–and it’s still going strong seven years later.
I invite you to join me in this new quest to discover how young women are encouraged by the media to look hypersexual, called prudes for not putting out, and then punished for actually having a sex life. Using my own journey out of 'virginity' to guide the story, I'll introduce you to a group of amazing women and men telling their own personal stories from across the sexuality spectrum.
The road to understanding our obsession with virginity will take you to places you never thought you’d go–from a Love & Fidelity Abstinence Conference at Harvard to the set of a Barely Legal porn movie shoot in the San Fernando Valley.
The film features the wisdom and wit of Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Heather Corinna, Hanne Blank, Jessica Valenti, Shelby Knox, Abiola Abrams, Sady Doyle among others.
There is little if any funding for independent media that focuses on the lives of young women, especially films like How to Lose Your Virginity which encourage young people to challenge the damaging messages in the pop culture landscape.
You have the power to challenge these damaging messages by making a generous donation to fund the final cut of the film. Your backing will help us raise the $35,000 that will catalyze this conversation to a whole new level. This is not just a film, it's a multi-media project with huge outreach potential.
As a result of being in the IFP Film Market, we've had massive interest in the project, but–and this is a big but–distributors today need to see a finished film before they can get it onto television, into theaters and into schools.
That's why we need you.
Become a backer for just $10, snag some great rewards and ensure that How to Lose Your Virginity gets out into the world.
Since we debuted the film's first trailer on Vimeo, we’ve had over 60,000 views, hundreds of blog posts and an overwhelming number of people speaking to each other through our online crowd-sourced First Person story series. Demand for this kind of information is so high, the trailer is already being used in university Human Sexuality classes across North America.
Kickstarter recently said their projects could bring in more funding this year than the National Endowment for the Arts; grants are few and far between.
• Back How to Lose Your Virginity today to support independent media and documentaries that are changing the conversation, speak out against the sexism of virginity culture, and make sure conservative blowhards can't shame us for our sexual decisions.
Want to help but are totally broke? You can also help by spreading the word to everyone you know using the links right under the video above! Every single dollar, Facebook post, blog entry and tweet gets us that much closer to our goal. Please check out our blog, become our Facebook friend or follow us on Twitter.
Thank you so much from Therese, Lisa, Ellice, Dina, Jude, Matt and the rest of Team Trixie Films!
 This project will only be funded if at least $35,000 is pledged by Wednesday May 9, 6:00 pm so please help Therese reach her goal by then!

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