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July 5, 2012

Announcing Our Blogher12 Sponsor: Masque!

We are so thrilled to announce our official sponsor for BlogHer12... Masque!

Come talk to me at BlogHer '12Masque is a brand new company with a really cool product designed to "bring you and your partner closer together—inside the bedroom and out." Based on the idea that, for some people, the taste of semen can make the act of fellatio less enjoyable, Masque's orally-dissolvable, flavored gel strips take the intimacy between you and your partner to the next level by blocking the flavors associated with oral sex.

This is the first year that we have even considered sponsorship because we won't endorse just any company. You know us - we're brutally honest, kind of hard to please and not afraid to be critical. So for us to publicly pair up with any brand, you know they have to have a pretty cool product.

We think this is just a interesting product, because while we personally don't have a huge problem with the taste of semen, we know countless women and men who do... Anything that helps make oral sex a more enjoyable experience is a good idea in our opinion. 

We are so happy to be able to get the word out about this amazing product to everyone and we want to give them a very big THANK YOU for sponsoring us. 

You can check out them out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or contact us for more information!

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