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July 5, 2012

The ESC's Guide to New York City

We are so excited that the BlogHer Conference is coming back to New York City for 2012!

Since we know Manhattan can be a bit overwhelming for some out-of-towners, we thought we'd offer some helpful tips to making the most of your stay in The Big Apple. (Tip #1: Don't call New York "The Big Apple".) Those of you from other metropolitan cities similar to Manhattan might find some of these tips to be obvious or common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people aren't familiar with this type of area and really just have no idea what to do. So we're here to help!

We suggest you read all four guides, but for your convenience here's a quick and handy reference to what you'll find in each installment:
  • Transportation

We remember hearing some complaints after BlogHer10 that it was too hard to get around NYC and there was "too much walking". We had a hard time understanding those complaints because Manhattan has more public transportation options than most other areas. So we thought we'd offer some helpful basic traveling tips (and etiquette) for the attendees coming in for BlogHer12. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about all facets of getting around NYC - including taxis, livery/car service, pedi-cabs, the subway, buses, commuter trains/regional trains, pedestrian "rules", driving and parking in Manhattan and general tips (plus helpful links and apps to download for your smartphone).

Check it out here!
  •  Tipping (yes, you have to)

We understand that in some parts of the world tipping is not customary, but in the U.S. - and New York especially - it's not just the custom. It's part of our service economy and taxation system. The U.S. government taxes servers and bartenders based on an assumption that they made a certain percentage of their sales in tips. So if you don't tip, you're likely costing them money. Also, most restaurants and bars can (legally) pay their employees way below minimum wage (sometimes as low as $2/hour) because it is assumed that the difference will be made up through tips. You can't avoid tipping just because you "don't believe it" or don't agree with the concept. In this guide, you'll find suggestion standards for tipping in restaurants, bars, hotels, cabs, and other service venues. Plus you'll find some general "tips on tipping", such as how to calculate a tip and how to appropriately judge the level of service.

Check it out here
  • Dining and Drinking

There are so many restaurants and bars in New York City. In this guide you'll learn some tips to make your experience better and easier (and not piss of your servers). We've also included some helpful apps that you can use to find a restaurant in your area or the best happy hour deals. Remember: Always drink responsibly!

Check it out here
  •  General Etiquette and Advice 

Not all New Yorkers are rude! Sure, some of them are, but generally it's easy to mistake the fast-paced frenetic energy of New York City as rudeness. We're really almost friendly as long as you don't get in our way or fuck with our day. The main difference between tourists and New Yorkers, is that we know the unwritten rules, so we can get frustrated when someone breaks those social norms.This final sections covers... everything else! In this guide, you'll get some basic "etiquette" tips on how to interact with New Yorkers (most important tip: don't waste our time), unwritten "rules of the sidewalk", how to find a public restroom when you need it, where you can or can't smoke/drink/go topless, and all you need to know before planning your visit to a tourist attraction or museum.

Check it out here!

As a bonus, here's our recap post of the last time BlogHer was in New York: 10 Things About BlogHer '10 and our ESC's Guide to BlogHer. And of course, you can always get in touch with us and ask any other NYC questions you might have! You can email us, find us at Twitter at @EvilSlutClique or send us a message via Facebook. We're here to help! (You can also get in touch with us if you just wanna chat or meet up at BlogHer.)

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