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August 8, 2012

Masque Goes To BlogHer

If you've been reading our pre-BlogHer posts or our tweets, you know that we brought a sponsor along for the ride this year. Masque is an orally-dissolvable, flavored gel strip that takes the intimacy between you and your partner to the next level by blocking the flavors associated with oral sex. Or, to put it another way, it's a flavored blowjob strip.

Needless to say, Masque is not necessarily the type of company that most BlogHer attendees might think of working with, but then, most of them don't have blogs called Evil Slutopia either. It was the perfect match for us, but even for a couple of evil sluts it presented a few challenges.
Lilith: Let's talk about our elevator pitch for Masque. How should we approach people?

Jezebel: I don't know, is it weird to just walk up to random women and say "hey, do you like blowjobs?"

It turns out that we really didn't need to worry - almost everyone we talked to at BlogHer loved the idea of Masque and wanted some samples to take home. Okay, so there was one small table of women at one party we went to that wasn't interested, but even the best toothpaste usually only pleases nine out of ten dentists.

Lots of Masque samples...we came prepared.

One of the best things about bringing Masque to BlogHer was that it allowed us to have a lot of candid, fun, and funny conversations about sex with women that might not have happened otherwise.
Jezebel: Here, there are four flavors... you can have one of each.
Blogger: I've been married for 20 years... for us this is a four year supply!

One of the most common questions was about how long a Masque strip lasts for, and when we would tell people that they last for about 15 minutes we would get a ton of joking like "I never need that long" and "my jaw locks up after five", as well as everyone's stories about That One Guy that they once dated who took forever. (Note: If you happen to be with one of those guys, you can just pop the Masque in halfway through instead of before you start!)

There were also a few people who were confused about exactly where the strip was supposed to go, like one woman that we met on the way out of Sparklecorn late Friday night:
Drunk Lady: "Wait, so you wrap it all around his penis?"

Lilith: No! It goes on your tongue.

Jezebel: It's not a Fruit Roll-Up.

Possibly our favorite conversation happened on the first night with a bunch of women that we just happened to sit down with at one of the parties we went to. We're not going to give out too many details because we want to respect everyone's privacy, but there's one moment that needs to be shared.
BlogHer Partier: Can I ask you a question about this stuff?

Lilith: Sure, go for it.

BlogHer Partier: It's kinda graphic.

Jezebel: Our blog is called Evil Slutopia. Let's hear it.

BlogHer Partier: Does it work on ball sweat?

It was just one of those beautiful moments in life, you know? Sitting around a table, having a drink with some lovely new friends, talking about sweaty balls.

We needed a space in our hotel room to keep all of our Masque samples organized, so we decided to make use of the drawer in our bedside table. You know, the one where the Bible usually goes.

And yes, they are arranged by flavor. We're very thorough.

We didn't just reach out to the women of BlogHer; there were also plenty of men who were very happy to talk to us about Masque.
Guy at Party: My wife is over there, go and give her some of these!
Woman: Oh, do you have samples? Can I have some?

Jezebel: Sure!

Woman: This is my husband...

Lilith: You're welcome.
Gay Male Blogger: Oh no this sounds like women stuff!

Lilith: No, it's not! It's for blow jobs.

Gay Male Blogger: You know, you're missing a demographic... gay men!

The highlight of our weekend with Masque was meeting Margaret Cho at the Harley Davidson party. We started talking to her (we're huge fans) and gave her our card because we thought she would get a kick out of the name of our blog (she did). She flipped it over and noticed the Masque info on the back and asked what it was. We explained and gave her samples and she loved it. She even mentioned us and Masque in her speech to the whole party. That made our night!

Speaking of parties, we have to give a shoutout to our friend MaryMac - not only did she let us bring our big bag of Masque samples to the BanShe party that she co-hosted, but she also demonstrated a convenient way to store a Masque strip and make sure that you're ready to go whenever the mood strikes:

On Saturday morning we attended a great session about sex blogging. One of the themes that came up in the discussion was the idea that women should feel free to talk about sex without feeling judged or slut-shamed. We hope that we were able to contribute to that in a small way by bringing a product like Masque to BlogHer. (We certainly had fun trying!) And of course we hope that everyone who took samples home has a lot of fun experimenting with them. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the product after trying it (don't worry, we won't share your names... unless you want us to).

We'd like to thank Masque again for choosing to be our official sponsor for BlogHer12! If you have any questions or comments about Masque, please leave a comment, or you can you can connect with Masque directly on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Inferno said...

From how you described your adventure it is obvious the company was very lucky in having you to spread the word for them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for giving me those free samples of Masque! Can't wait to try them with my husband :)

pixie said...

It covers up the tastes of oral sex? Gee, if a man asked a girl to stick something in her vag for him to eat her out, women would be all over that. "You don't love the way my body tastes naturally? Wahhhhhh!"

I love your blog but this is just dumb. This is a stupid novelty I'd see advertised in Cosmo to make blowjobs more fun. Ugh.


We respect your point of view, but a lot of people would probably disagree with you that "making blowjobs more fun" is a stupid idea. :)