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August 9, 2012

The Redemption of DJ Skribble

Last year at BlogHer11 in San Diego, DJ Skribble was the deejay at the Sparklecorn party. The party was kind of weak and really tore into DJ Skribble (we even wrote a long, drunken rant about how bad he was... DJ Skribble: Worst DJ Ever). But he was such a good sport about it (and even tweeted in response to our bashing) that we had to give him props for that at least.

So about a month before BlogHer, we tweeted at him to see if he would be at Sparklecorn again this year... and it was the beginning of beautiful but unlikely Twitter friendship...


Our BlogHer12 recap is going to take about a hundred years for us to finish, but we thought we'd catch you up on the DJ Skribble situation in the meantime... We are happy to report that DJ Skribble really listened to our suggestions and totally rocked Sparklecorn this year. He was one of our least favorite parts of last year's Sparklecorn and this year we can safely say he was one of the best parts of the party. (How much that has to do with him and how much it has to do with the party itself remains to be seen, but he definitely gave it a real effort and it paid off.) 


We are so happy that we were there to witness the Redemption of DJ Skribble and we want to thank him for truly understanding his audience this year!

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