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September 21, 2012

EVI Slutopia

This past weekend we were lucky enough to be a part of the CatalystCon conference on sexuality, activism, and acceptance that took place in Long Beach, CA. (Our standard ridiculously long conference recap is coming soon.) The conference was organized by Dee Dennis, known as the Lady Gaga of sex positive conference organizers...okay, she's only known as that to us, but that's really all that matters. We were members of Dee's conference staff, unofficially but proudly known as the Girl Gang.

What's that curvy sexy red thing in front of our sign? We're glad you asked. It's the brand new EVI by Aneros, which made its debut (her debut? we're not sure how EVI chooses to identify) at CatalystCon. Here, have some press release action:
Long Beach, CA – CatalystCon announces that Aneros will debut their first female product during the conference.
CatalystCon creator Dee Dennis is thrilled that Aneros has chosen to debut EVI at CatalystCon because it reflects a shared commitment to sex education and to CatalystCon’s goals of sparking new conversations about sexuality and igniting change.”We are excited and proud to introduce our first female product at CatalystCon,” said CT Schenk, CEO at Aneros. “We chose this conference over the mundane trade shows because our focus is on the message rather than distribution, and CatalystCon was the perfect venue.”
In addition to debuting EVI at CatalystCon, Aneros will be hosting a special sex education class with a focus on kegel exercise and the female orgasm on Saturday of the conference at 5:30pm.  Aneros will be having several giveaways of their product and all attendees are invited.
We had a chance to hang out with CT during Catalyst, so we can tell you that he's one of those rare people who actually means what he says in sound bite press release quotes. And since we're not in the habit of praising...um, anyone ever, you know that if we're saying that, it must be true.

Anyway, the EVI doesn't just look cool, it is really cool. Here's how it works: "Anatomically designed, the velvet soft EVI requires no vibration and guarantees users a sensual, hands free experience like no other. Once comfortably inserted, an easy Kegel workout is all that is needed to get EVI rocking your world. Both the G-Spot and clitoris are perfectly stimulated in a toe curling rhythm. Break free from the mundane world of generic vibrating toys and immerse yourself in EVI's vast garden of pleasure." And yes, we totally could have paraphrased all of that instead of quoting it directly, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have the phrase "vast garden of pleasure" on our blog.

They're not kidding about that "velvet soft" thing either. We had a communal EVI for the staff that we all couldn't stop playing with. (And by "communal" we mean that it belonged to Dee but we all kept stealing it from her. And by "playing with" we mean literally playing with it, not using it for its intended purpose. The Girl Gang is close but we're not that close.) We found that it made a lovely centerpiece on the dining table in our staff suite. Eventually we just started taking it everywhere with us and discovered that it also functions as a good luck charm. The picture above is from when we took it to Dirty Bingo with us and our table ended up winning like three times. Had to be the EVI. Another night we took EVI down to the hotel bar with us, which sparked a hilarious discussion among everyone hanging out at the bar about what people thought it looked like, with responses ranging from a duck to a Swedish ergonomic chair to the Starship Enterprise.

As part of the EVI launch at CatalystCon, Aneros hosted a class on Kegels and the Art of the Orgasm with the lovely Ducky Doolittle.  Ducky was fantastic and the class was not just informative but also fun and funny and personal and generally awesome. There was also a raffle where a bunch of lucky people won EVIs of their own. We don't know if it was just a crazy coincidence or our good luck charm at work again, but almost everyone on the CatalystCon staff ended up winning. We suspect that our fellow Girl Gang member Robin Love, who was in charge of the raffle tickets, may have rigged it for us. (Just kidding, she totally didn't. Or did she? No really though, she didn't. We think.)  

There was at least one person who liked Ducky's class even more than we did. Not long after it ended we spotted this empty EVI box in the bathroom across from the room where the class was held:

Someone just couldn't wait to try out their EVI!

On our last morning we packed up to come home, which meant finding space in our luggage for our new EVIs. At one point Jezebel went to get stuff out of the bathroom while Lilith was trying to fit the box into her suitcase.

Lilith: I can't get my EVI in! It won't fit!
Jezebel: Well, just relax your body...do you need help?
Lilith: Very funny.
Jezebel: I'm putting mine in my carry on, I don't want the TSA agents to be tempted.
Lilith: I don't really need to bring home that extra pair of shoes do I? The EVI is more important.
Jezebel: You can always buy new shoes.

Overall we were just super impressed not only with the EVI itself, but with Aneros as a company and a conference sponsor. If you've read any of our other conference recaps you know that we have a lot of experience in dealing with sponsors and we're never afraid to criticize all of the stuff that we see that we don't like. So when we have an opportunity like this to say good things about a really cool and unique product from a great company, of course we're all over it.

To check out EVI for yourself, go to Aneros.com/Evi. You can also like her on Facebook. And please refer to us as EVI Slutopia until further notice.

*Disclosure: We received EVIs while we were at CatalystCon, and we're members of the CatalystCon staff, but this is NOT a sponsored post. We weren't asked to write it and we're not being paid to say any of this. All opinions are (as always) 100% our own.

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