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January 19, 2013

Occupy Rush Limbaugh

We normally don't bother to write about the offensive stuff that Rush Limbaugh says on a daily basis. Like Ann Coulter, he's fueled by bitterness and thrives on outrage, particularly from us "feminazis" out there, so often we choose just to ignore him.

Of course, Rush knows this about us. And so he pushes. A day when he's not mentioned on Media Matters and MSNBC is a day without sunshine to him. The Sandra Fluke "slut" controversy gave him life. (It also and more importantly cost him advertisers, but back to that later.) So when he was looking for a little attention in the wake of the Obama administration's press conference on gun control this week, he knew what to do - find a way, no matter how convoluted, to tie the issue to the true root of all evil...slutty young women:
CALLER: It's terrible that 26 people died in Sandy Hook and 20 of them were children. Terrible. Very sad, coming up to Christmas, hopes and dreams that young children had; their parents and weddings and graduations that will never occur.
However, on any given day in Americans [sic], more than 3,000 children are killed from abortion and we have no problems with that. We're OK with that. It's not an issue.
So you can't spend 40 years of telling people and telling children that if I make a mistake, if something comes up and this child I don't want is in the way of my future and in the way of me graduating high school, is in the way of me going to college, is [in] the way of me being happy, is in the way of whatever I want out of life, that it's OK for me to kill the baby, but later on when I become a disgruntled employee, when I become an unhappy student at school because children are bullying me, that I want to eliminate them and get them out of the way?It's the same concept.
LIMBAUGH: Well, it's a good point. You know how to stop abortion? Require that each one occur with a gun. [via Media Matters]
First, here's a puzzler for you - who is more twisted here? Is it Rush, for his brilliant gun abortion plan, or his caller for suggesting that there's any connection at all between a man who walks into a school with a gun and murders 20 children and a teenage girl who chooses to have an abortion so that she can do awful things like finish high school and go to college and have a future. (Which is obviously not to say that young women who get pregnant and choose to continue their pregnancies can't do those things too, I'm just following this caller's "logic" here.) I really can't decide. But I guess it's nice that when right-wingers don't want to point the finger for a tragedy like this at guns, gun culture, the NRA, Reagan's slashing of mental health funding, or any number of other actually relevant things, they feel free to hang the blame on women instead.

So, Rush Limbaugh is a disgusting vile reprehensible and pathetic excuse for a human being. Women's lives and bodies are a joke to him, and violence against us is a punchline. This is not news, but every time he tries to make news by saying horrible sexist bullshit like this I wonder if there's anything we can really do to make it stop. Obviously you can't call in and try to reason with him, although it might be fun to designate a feminist call-in day and give his call screeners a hard time. Do we show up at the studio where he does his show and Occupy Rush until he agrees to stop being a dick? Probably not - I don't think any of us have that much free time - but lets take a moment and enjoy the visual of a horde of angry women going all Ladies' Home Journal 1970 on him and staging a sit in at his "Excellence in Broadcasting" studios, shall we?

The only thing that seems to give him any pause at all is losing advertising dollars. He lost so many after his Sandra Fluke comments that he actually issued an apology, half-assed as it was. So maybe our best strategy is just to keep reminding his remaining advertisers that we're still listening and we're still pissed and it's still not okay. For example, if you go to Rush's website right now there are huge LifeLock ads all over the place proudly proclaiming that "Rush Limbaugh is a paid endorser of LifeLock". So every time Rush says something like this, I might just pay a visit to LifeLock's twitter or facebook page and say "hey guys, today Rush Limbaugh said that he wants to shove a gun in my vagina and shoot me if I want to have an abortion, and you paid him to say it. I'm not okay with that, and I will never buy your product. Have a nice day!" Until we can all coordinate our schedules to Occupy Rush, I think it's our best bet, but I'm open to suggestions.

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Tiffany said...

I left a comment on LifeLock's Facebook and it was taken down with in 20 minutes.