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November 28, 2013

I Read While He Plays Video Games...

We know that we left the 'I Read While He Plays Video Games' comic site untouched for quite a while... well, your requests have been answered! It's a Thanksgiving miracle! Starting soon, we will be tying up all those loose ends and posting the final comics in the series.

Yes, we said "final".

After we learned that people liked the comic, it grew and included more characters and more situations, which have spun off into other comics and stories. As much as we loved this series, we wanted to move on from the "based on truth" concept (since it hasn't been in so long) and felt it was time to put the relationship to bed. While "I Read While He Plays Video Games" will never die completely, we do not have any specific upcoming plans for this particular strip in the near future.

So we have moved all of the old comics over to the brand-spankin' new website ESCcomics.com and will be releasing the final comics shortly. (Every good story needs an ending.) We hope you enjoy the final moments between our crazy, unnamed couple.

In the meantime, check out the archive of the previously published 'I Read While He Plays Video Games' series here and as a special Thanksgiving treat here is a special NEVER BEFORE SEEN strip!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your support all these years!

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